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Archive for October 2011

Rocktober Blood – Episode 74

There’s a killer on the loose.

Good Bad Flicks in the News

Well, this sort of thing makes me feel like a fancy lad. Good Bad Flicks made not one but two Top Horror Critics Lists!


The first is from ObscureCinema101 over on


The second is from Crypticpsych over on


My deepest gratitude to these fine folks for giving my humble show such high praise.

Right now I’m feeling as awesome as this kid!

Hack-O-Lantern – Episode 73

You have intruded upon the ceremony of blood!

Comments Are Working Again

I was getting slammed with spam and so I installed a spamblocker plug-in. At first it worked and I wasn’t getting any more spam. Then something went wrong with an update and it started blocking everything. I fixed it so it should be all good now.

So please, comment away!

Deadly Dreams – Episode 72

I jinx you pig bitch.