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Good Bad Flicks Turns 1!

Well, sort of. Even though I have been doing episodes since March of 2010, I didn’t start the website until November 11th, 2010. So this is the site’s 1 year anniversary. Thing have been growing in leaps and bounds since then and I owe it all to you fine folks. I want to thank you all for visiting and enjoying my overzealous nitpickings of movies you probably never heard of. I hope I turned you on to at least one new favorite.

It’s been a great year! I have lots of plans for the site over the next year. I have some collaborative projects I’ll be working on, my annual holiday specials, and hopefully the release of the two short films I shot this summer.

Thanks for sticking around. More goodness to come.

Top 20 My Favorite Bad Movie Taglines

The Adventure Continues…

Give me some requests for future episodes!

This November I’m going to do something a little different. Give me your requests for movies you want me to do a show on. Then the first 2 weeks of December I’ll put up a poll and the top 4 I will do in January. I still fit in requests as I can all year round but I figure this is a chance to do 4 favorites as a thanks to you guys for your support.

Head over to my facebook page and give your request.

So just link the trailer from youtube or if you can’t find one, a link from IMDB will do. I’m also including all current requests in the poll. Thanks! You are all the best!