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Pieces – Episode 92


It’s not ET

Alright, now that things are somewhat back to normal I can start giving clues to the new episodes again. Yay!

This is a movie that has been frequently requested.

Cecil’s Stamp of Approval

That’s the smell of quality and possibly Scotch Eggs.

Update for this week

It seems due to an overwhelming work schedule I won’t be able to get an episode out this week. I have to work Saturday and now I find out I have to work Sunday as well…and not the fun kind of work like the other week. So rather than give a crappy episode I’ll hold off and give it some more polish for next week. I do have something to put up Sunday but it’s not a normal episode, however it is something I think you might like.

Oh, and bonus points to anyone who can figure out who/what the picture is.

Double Dragon – Episode 91

Ug Lee? Home Lee?