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Friday the 13th 2012

As a special tribute to the Friday the 13th series, here is a short I filmed last year. I’m glad to finally be able to share this with you. Hope you enjoy.

Also, this is going in place of an episode this week. Barring any unforseen tragedies, episode 100 next week!

The Wicker Man – Episode 99

Not the bees!

Cecil Recommends – Remakes vs Originals – Good Bad Flicks

Due to me not being completely happy with this week’s episode I’m delaying it until next week. It just needs a bit more polish. However, since I don’t like to leave you hanging, here is another recommendation video!

So, Wicker Man next week! You won’t want to miss it. NOT THE BEES!

Iron Maiden at the Susquehanna Bank Center 6/29

Amazing show, the first time I’ve seen Maiden live. Alice Cooper opened and he put on a really good performance. Maiden played for almost 2 hours nonstop. Song after song, it was incredible seeing them keep up that level of intensity. They played almost every track off of Seventh son of a seventh son, along with a mix of some classics. (Number of the Beast, Aces High) It was ridiculously hot in the venue and everyone was drenched in sweat…it was totally worth it.

The tickets were a birthday present from my awesome wife. We were in the 17th row. (I think I tweeted 23rd row but I miscounted…the rows were labelled with the alphabet not numbers) Great seats, had a very good view of the stage. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

The AVGN was at the concert as well but I didn’t see him while I was there. Kind of hard to find one guy in well over 13,000 people.