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Nominate me for the Golden Critic Awards!

Well, the 2nd annual Golden Critics Awards are here and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would give me some nominations.

Copy/Pasta the nomination ballot below into an email and send to before October 31st.

I bolded the ones I think I would be most applicable for. Episodes like Best Writing and Best Comedic performance want a specific episode.

Also, feel free to nominate any other folks who you enjoy. I’m sure I’m not the only internet reviewer/show you watch!

Thank you in advance! I appreciate the support! Lets bring home some wins!

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Tales from the Crypt Recap #11 ”Three’s A Crowd”

Tales from the Crypt: Season 2 – Episode 5
”Three’s A Crowd” (First aired: May 1, 1990)


A married couple is going on a vacation for their anniversary, and they are bringing along their friend, who is footing the bill, buying the wife gifts, and feeling her up. Needless to say, the husband gets suspicious that she is cheating on him and begins to slowly lose his mind thinking (and drinking) about it.

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A sub genre of horror

If you can figure this out you are really good.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama – Episode 106

Prom queen on the loose.