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Those Damn Kids


Alright, now that we are past the requested videos its back to the guessing game! What is the movie this week?

(although some of you already know)

Rabbit in Red Radio with Special Guest Cecil


Recently, a very cool horror fan named Vince had me on his show Rabbit in Red Radio. We talked about Good Bad Flicks, remakes, and rambled like a couple of geeks. It’s about 80 minutes, you should give it a listen.

Thanks again to Vince for having me on the show, I had a really good time.

Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 4

Tales from the Crypt Recap #24 “The Secret”


Tales from the Crypt: Season 2 – Episode 18
The Secret (First aired: July 31, 1990)


An orphan is adopted by a rich couple who offer him all the sweets he can eat and toys he can play with. All the while they are harboring a dark secret that they are keeping from the boy. But the boy may very well have a secret of his own. And the matron who fostered the boy has a secret. As well as the butler who is watching Theodore. Why is everyone so secretive here? Really makes my job tough to not spoil anything.

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Krull – Episode 119

I came to find a king, and I find a boy instead.