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News and Stuff Indeed


I got called away on a video shoot this weekend which when mixed with the late end of Arachnia means no time to have an ep this week. So, I’ll just funnel ahead with the goodness for next month…The 3rd annual Mainstream May! Mainstream May is when I take 4 “bigger” movies, usually box office disappointments, and give them the GBF treatment. To give you an idea, last year was Shark Night, Priest, Gi Joe, and DOA. While I do like to focus on the unknown more often, this give me the opportunity to break out and do some newer stuff. Also, the newer movies always brings in more views and in turn more subs/fans. Its not something I want to do all the time (GBF really is more about the lost classics and the underdogs) but I can’t deny the results. Anyway, next week will be a very cool action movie to kick off the month. I do have a surprise that might make its way in there or if not, it will be in June. Thats a really big deal episode but I’m not sure where it will land. You’ll have to tune in to find out. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy this Ghanese poster for Bloodrayne.

Arachnia – Episode 126

…and a bucket!

Ugh Comment Spam


Just an FYI I added a new layer of spam blocker to get rid of these incredibly annoying spam bots that have been clogging up my in bin. (No, I don’t need a purse, knock off sunglasses, or a bigger penis)

Anyway, the last time something like this happened it locked out all comments and I had no idea until someone was able to get through and comment. Needless to say, I felt a tad silly.

So while I don’t see that happening this time, if by chance you can’t post sent me an EMAIL and let me know so I can fix the error.

Now I really want some Spam, Egg, Spam, Spam, Bacon and Spam.

This one has a guy fighting giant spiders with a chainsaw


Mind Ripper – Episode 125

Loose ends come back to haunt you.