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Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 6

Negative Ghost Rider, the Pattern is Full


Well, this is frustrating. After working a lot last week I had this past weekend to try and get some other stuff done. Unfortunately, the new video card I bought back in January decided to crap out on me. I had to put in an RMA with the manufacturer and most likely will not get a replacement until next week.

So, that leaves me with negative editing machines right now. (currently typing this on my wonderful Microsoft Surface…which is great but lacks the horsepower for the full Adobe suite)

I should be able to put together that Netflix video I wanted to get out last week since that is just images and audio. So at least I’ll have something to get out there. (I’m weird, it bugs me to see empty spots on the roster)

On the plus side with the extra time I was able to do some more work on that Friday the 13th remake riff I wanted to have out a freaking year ago. Turns out it ain’t easy to do a one man riff without having long dead spots. I’ve seen the movie about 10 times now and I am really sick of it. If all goes well I’ll finally have this thing out the door sometime over the summer. What a project!

Ugh. Oh well. As something else to look forward to, I’ll let you know that I have the 1983 sword and sorcery Conan knockoff Deathstalker ready to go as soon as I get my machine back up and running. Huzzah!