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Archive for August 2013

It’s not Iron Sky


Although if you haven’t seen Iron Sky yet, you should it is hilarious!

So what do you think it is this week?

Exploring Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows – Episode 138

Jackie Kong director of Blood Diner has a Kickstarter


Jackie Kong the director of Blood Diner, The Underachievers, Night Patrol, and The Being is doing a Kickstarter for a new movie called Coexistence. It looks to be a sort of spin on the classic Romeo and Juliet tale.

They have an impressive cast lined up with Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah, John Savage, Nick Krause, and Bella Thorne.

While they have a ways to go its not impossible. Kong is a solid director and it would be awesome to see her doing something new after all these years. So if you have a few bucks please think about putting them into the production. Remember, if the Kickstarter doesn’t reach its goal you don’t get charged (unlike some other crowdfunding sites).

So check this out! Maybe if this goes over well we can convince Jackie to give us a Blood Diner 2.

Championing Hated Movies Week 2 with Geek Juice


Ran into some technical snags with Blair Witch 2 so in the meantime, why not listen to week 2 of Championing Hated Movies. This week its Crimewave, Predator 2, Toys, and Coonskin.

Should have Blair Witch ready in a day or two. (or maybe three) Going to take this opportunity and re-record some lines I messed up and didn’t realize until I was editing the audio.

Friday The 13th: Repetition

You saw the trailer, now watch the movie!