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The 6th Annual All Recommendation Month is here!


Back again! With some minor changes. First off, let me know what you would like to see for future episodes. I will take the top 15 most requested over the course of the year as well as mentioned here and put them on a list. Then, you can all vote and I will take the top 5 for future episodes.

The changes are – The episodes will start in March, instead of January. Also, due to the companies that go DMCA crazy, nothing from Paramount or Fox.

Let me know what you want to see in the comments!

Recs will end 12/7 and the voting will go up 12/8.

31 Responses to “The 6th Annual All Recommendation Month is here!”

  • James:

    Judge and Jury, Gone with the Pope, Phantom of the Paradise, Miami Connection, Spookies

  • Azeez:

    An exploring episode on Suicide Squad, a film that would have been amazing if the studio let
    David Ayer do his job. The studio thought they need to change the film’s violence and tone since
    BVS got bad reviews.
    Also since you did an exploring episode on Man of Steel, you should do one on BVS.

  • Roy:


    Sucker Punch
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    Shoot ‘Em Up
    Falling Down
    The Monster Squad
    Bad Taste
    The Howling
    John Carpenter’s Starman


    Flash Gordon
    The Gate
    Galaxy of Terror
    The Burning

  • Ricardo Guimarães de Siqueira:

    Castle Freak
    The Forsaken
    From Beyond
    Happy Hell Night

  • Aris:

    Ghost Ship.
    Exploring Triangle.
    Wilderness (2006).
    Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter.

  • Extreme Prejudice
    Gone with the pope
    Return of the living dead
    The Guest
    Turbo Kid
    the burning

  • Michael:

    Undercover Brother, The Whole Nine Yards, In Good Company, Intolerable Cruelty

  • Egil:

    Battle Beyond the Stars 1980
    Flash Gordon 1980
    Tron 1982
    Dawn of the Dead 1978
    Alien Resurrection 1997

  • Jonathan Rodriguez:

    I would love for yout to review Ice Pirates for 2017.I haven’t seen your review for that one.Thanks alot and I hope you consider this choice.

  • Big Ninja JIm:

    Love at first Bite
    Once Bitten

  • Louise:

    Prom night 2
    Watcher in the woods

  • bastardjackyll:

    Wishmaster series
    American Ninja series
    Rock & Roll Nightmare
    Never Too Young to Die
    They Call Me Bruce?
    TAG The Assassination Game
    Big Shots
    Saturday the 14th
    Tom and Jerry: THE MOVIE!

  • Cristiona:


    And, let’s see… Dr.Terror’s House of Horrors
    Speed Racer
    Temple of Doom
    Alien 3
    Zoltan, the Hound of Dracula (no, seriously)

  • Jr.:

    Reign of Fire
    Dark City
    Johnny Mnemonic
    From Beyond
    Phantasm 2
    Falling Down
    The Gate
    More obscure Halloween Specials
    I Am Omega
    Under Siege and Under Siege 2

  • andrew:

    ok any choice that is not from paramount or from fox lets see……….

    dark city
    dust devils ( I know but let me dream)
    highway to hell
    the mangler
    the thing ( john carpenter’s version at least finish off his apocalypse trilogy)
    the people under the stairs
    phantasm 2
    near dark
    the dark power
    the night flyer
    graveyard shift
    split second
    return of the living dead ( at least an exploring episode cause we just lost don calfa )
    teenage mutant ninja turtles ( the 90s live action version as an exploring series)
    the serpent and the rainbow
    ghost town
    the zero boys
    the witch

    I think that is sort of it with my choices

  • Max:

    Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (2014) (what went wrong)
    Batman Forever (1995)
    Bride of Chucky (1998)
    Burying the Ex (2014)
    Creepshow 2 (1987)
    Curse of Chucky (2013)
    Dead Silence (2007)
    Frankensteins Army (2013)
    Friday the 13th (2009)
    Doctor Who The Movie (1996)
    Ghostbusters (2016)
    Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)
    Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)
    Spider-Man 3 (2007)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993)
    Tron Legacy (2010)
    Wes Cravens New Nightmare (1997)

  • Robert Swords:

    Hey Cecil, before I begin, here’s something to think about. Doug Walker complained about the Turtles fighting Rocksteady and Bebop only once in TMNT 2 yet nobody ever complained about Superman fighting Zod and company only once in Superman 2.

    The Forgotten
    Fight Valley
    Hannie Caulder
    Jennifer’s Body
    Still Alice
    Amazing Spiderman (1,2)
    28 Days Later
    Passion Play
    Student Bodies(1981 satirizing horror before Scream)
    The Faculty
    Mother,Jugs,And Speed (one of Bill Cosby’s best movies)
    All The Marbles
    TMNT 3(1993 the one that gets no love despite that they were trying something different)
    The Bad News Bears(1976)
    Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre
    Robocop 2(another misunderstood sequel)
    Batman And Robin(a campy but fun superhero movie)
    X-Men: First Class(I submitted, on a website, a Mad spoof title for this called Eech Men: No Class)
    The Poseidon Adventure(Gene Hackman)
    Prime Cut(Sissy Spacek’s first movie)
    Terror Train(Jamie Lee Curtis)
    Wish Upon A Star (Danielle Harris swapping bodies with Katherine Heigel, it’s freaking hilarious)
    Mary Kom (India bio movie about a famous boxer of theirs)
    Fighter (Turkey movie about a girl who’d rather be a kung fu fighter than follow traditions)
    Below The Belt(1980 based on Rosalyn Drexler’s book To Smithereens, one of those campy “so bad it’s fun to watch”)
    Mega Python vs Gatoroid (2011 An Asylum movie with catfighting between 80’s pop stars Tiffany Darwash and Debbie Gibson)
    The Village(Judy Greer with Bryce Dallas Howard in one of M. Night Shyamalan’s best movies)

    all the best, consider at least Critters,Carrie, and Mega Python vs Gatoroid

  • Roy:


    The Spirit
    Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
    Cohen & Tate
    To Live and Die in LA
    River’s Edge
    Miracle Mile
    New Jack City
    Silver Bullet

    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2
    Blind Fury
    Death Promise
    New Year’s Evil
    The Van
    The Visitor (Perfect train wreck)
    Lady Dragon 1&2
    Cyborg Cop

  • finn:

    still: flesh and blood….

  • Melissa:

    See No Evil 2
    The Funhouse Massacre
    Lights Out
    Army of Darkness
    Evil Dead (2013)
    The Funhouse Massacre
    Hellraiser: Bloodlines
    It (1990)
    Bad Meat
    Alpha Girls
    Prom Night 2
    Silen Hill: Revelation
    American Excorcist
    The Funhouse Massacre

    Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
    Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood
    Monster Island
    Star Trek: Nemesis
    Spider-Man 2 (2004)
    See No Evil
    The Funhouse Massacre
    The Sand
    Harbinger Down
    Hellraiser 1,2 & 3
    The Funhouse Massacre
    The Funhouse Massacre
    The Funhouse Massacre
    The Funhouse Massacre

    Did I already mention The Funhouse Massacre and Girlhouse?

  • Sour Crowd:

    The Chilling (1989)
    Shadowzone (1990)
    The Caller (1987)
    984: Prisoner of the Future/The Tomorrow Man (1982)
    The Chair (1988)
    The Tower (1993)

  • the viewer:

    Okay, this one is a must: (during the Great Depression the US President played by John Huston’s dad declares himself a “benevolent” dictator after a sign from God and saves America – yeah, he abolishes the constitution AND the Congress because of an epiphany and he’s the hero of the movie! and you’re meant to take all this seriously!). A William Randolph Hearst-produced pro-fascist 1933 b&w Hollywood adaptation of a book called Rinehard by a British officer and WWI veteran who was the top advisor of the British WWI liberal prime-minister, the same prime-minister who in his old age supported Hitler (Hitler by the way came to power in Germany in 1933).

    Gabriel Over the White House (1933) is a phenomenal ride to the political cuckooland.

    As for my personal suggestions:
    Dark Tower (1989) (who can get enough of Italian-American produced horrors about haunted office buildings)
    Specters (1987) (Italian-American horror about Donald Pleasence digging up a demon in the ruins of Rome, Italy)
    Wild beasts – Belve feroci (1984) (Italian-American horror about psycho zoo animals escaping and going on a murderous rampage one night in some European metropolis because of PCP, yeah even elephants)
    Day of the Animals (1977) (eco-horror about Leslie Nielsen going native and trying to rape everybody, oh and there are some rabid animals attacking campers and shit as well)
    Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987) – Rock’n’Roll Freddy
    Cutthroat Island (1995) pirate Gina Davis and a rogue thief vs. Skeletor that killed Carolco
    The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Gina Davis, Sam L. Jackson and Andrew Davis making a badass action movie.

    By the way, when you say no Paramount movies, do you mean movies made by Paramount or movies distributed in the US by Paramount. If only the former is a problem than here’s a great choice for your show, a movie only distributed in the US by Paramount:

    Nate and Hayes (1983), a healthy mix between Cutthroat Island and Indiana Jones with protagonist Tommy Lee Jones as the real life pirate Bully Hayes, who ends up fighting the Keiser’s Germans on an island, and oh yeah there’s also that SAME FUCKING HANGING BRIDGE SCENE from the Temple of Doom that came out AFTER this movie.

    As for the suff that the previous posters have suggested…
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    From Beyond
    Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter.
    Dawn of the Dead 1978
    Ice Pirates
    TAG The Assassination Game
    Phantasm 2
    Falling Down
    The Gate
    highway to hell
    graveyard shift (the best f-ing lines-from-the-movie-remixed-in-a-song-for-the-end-credits ever!)
    split second
    The Faculty
    River’s Edge
    Miracle Mile
    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2
    Blind Fury
    Cyborg Cop
    It (1990)
    The Caller (1987) (fuck yeah the caller – Malcolm McDowell as the villain in Twilight Zone’s take on James Cameron)

    Also, how about reupping or remaking some of your old GBF episodes that were lost in the great Blip purge like Project MetalBeast?

  • Roch Desjardins:

    Here’s are my choices:
    -Hellraiser 2
    -Child’s play 3
    -Trolls 2
    -Demons 2
    -Ghoulies 2
    -Stephen King It
    -A nightmare on elm street 3: the dream warriors
    -The creeps
    -Demonic Toys

  • Motyka:

    – Faust: Love of the Damned
    – Revolver
    – Southland Tales
    – The Spirit

  • John:

    The keep
    Castle freak
    Nightmare on elm st 3

  • Cineman:

    Barb Wire
    The Spirit
    El Topo
    Enemy Mine
    The Mummy Returns
    Return of the Living Dead 3

  • Daniel H.:

    -Dark Star
    -Pan’s Labyrinth
    -Hard Target
    -Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

    -Lovely But Deadly (tons of grist for your wit in this one)
    -The Heroic Trio (Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung, and Michelle Yeoh as superheroines? Yes, please!)
    -Guyver 2: Dark Hero (Usually considered better than the first one.)
    -Leonard Part 6 (I remember Cosby on the Tonight Show asking audiences *not* to go see this)
    -Cast A Deadly Spell (H.P. Lovecraft as a detective in a supernatural film noir)

  • Russ:

    Screw DMCA, if they be shown on youtube, just host them here or just the Escapist, like exclusives

    Everything released by Scream Factory, That you haven’t reviewed yet or already have

    Alien Outpost
    Animal (2014)
    Army Of Frankensteins
    Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours
    Beast Of Hollow Mountain / The Neanderthal Man
    Black Christmas (1976)
    Blacula / Scream Blacula Scream
    Blood And Lace
    Bloodsucking Bastards
    Body Bags
    Bound to Vengeance
    Bubba Ho-Tep
    Cabin Fever (2016)
    Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh
    Carnage Park
    Carrie (1976)
    Carrie (2003)/ The Rage: Carrie 2
    Cat People (1982)
    Cellar Dwellar / Catacombs
    Child’s Play
    Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear
    Class Of 1984
    Cockneys Vs. Zombies
    Contracted: Phase II
    Dark Haul
    Dark Summer
    Dead Of Winter
    Dead Ringers
    Dead Shadows
    Dead Souls
    Deadly Blessing
    Deadtime Stories
    Death Becomes Her
    Death Valley
    Deep In The Darkness
    Destroyer / Edge of Sanity
    Die Monster Die
    Eli Roth Presents The Stranger
    Empire Of The Ants / Jaws Of Satan
    Escape From New York
    Fender Bender
    Ghost Story
    Ghost Town
    Ginger Snaps
    Gravy [Blu-ray]
    Gun Woman [Blu-ray]
    Hellhole [Blu-ray]
    Hellions [Blu-ray]
    House in the Alley
    Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf
    I Am Not a Serial Killer
    I Saw What You Did
    Intruder (2015)
    Invaders From Mars
    Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
    Jack’s Back
    Jeepers Creepers
    Jeepers Creepers 2
    Lady in White
    Lake Placid
    Let’s Be Evil
    Lord Of Illusions
    Love At First Bite / Once Bitten
    Monkey Shines
    Motel Hell (Collector’s Edition)
    Murders in the Rue Morgue / The Dunwich Horror
    Night Of The Demons
    Nosferatu The Vampyre
    Over Your Dead Body
    Phantom of The Paradise
    Poltergeist II: The Other Side
    Poltergeist III
    Psycho II
    Psycho III
    Psycho IV: The Beginning
    Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings
    Q: The Winged Serpent
    Rabid Dogs
    Raising Cain
    Road Games
    Robot Jox
    Scream Factory All Night Horror Marathon (Whats the Matter with Helen, The Vagrant, The Godsend & The Outing)
    Scream Factory All Night Horror Marathon, Vol. 2 (Cellar Dweller, Catacombs, The Dungeonmaster​ & Contamination 7)
    Scream Factory TV Terrors (The Initiation of Sarah & Are You in the House Alone?)
    Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
    Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland
    Slumber Party Massacre II / Slumber Party Massacre III
    Sonny Boy
    Species II
    Species III / Species: The Awakening
    Tales From The Crypt / Vault Of Horror
    Tentacles / Reptilicus
    Terror Train
    The Abandoned
    The Babadook
    The Beast Within
    The Binding
    The Boy
    The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
    The Car
    The Curse / Curse II: The Bite
    The Dead Room
    The Devil’s Dolls
    The Doctor And The Devils
    The Editor
    The Exorcist III
    The Food Of The Gods / Frogs
    The Funhouse Massacre
    The Guardian
    The Hallow
    The Harvest
    The Horror Show
    The House That Screamed
    The House Where Evil Dwells / Ghost Warrior
    The Howling
    The Human Centipede: The Complete Sequence
    The Island
    The Larry Fessenden Collection
    The Legacy [Blu-ray]
    The Legend of Hell House
    The Monkey’s Paw
    The Pack (2015)
    The Phantom Of The Opera (1980’s)
    The Return Of Count Yorga
    The Return Of The Living Dead
    The Sentinel
    The Serpent and the Rainbow
    The Slumber Party Massacre
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    The Thing (1982)
    The Vampire Lovers
    The Vincent Price Collection
    The Vincent Price Collection II [House on Haunted Hill, The Return of the Fly, The Comedy of Terrors, The Raven, The Last Man on Earth, Tomb of Ligeia & Dr. Phibes Rises Again)
    The Vincent Price Collection III
    Toolbox Murders 2
    Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits
    Village of the Damned (1995)
    What We Become
    White Of The Eye
    Without Warning
    X-Ray / Schizoid
    You’ll Like My Mother
    Zombie Fight Club
    Zombie High

    Other ideas, might expand

    Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
    Biggles: Adventures in Time
    Blood Diner
    Blood Glacier
    Boy and the Beast
    C.H.U.D II: Bud The Chud
    Dark City (Director’s Cut)
    Digging Up the Marrow
    Harbinger Down
    Mission To Mars
    Peter Benchley’s Creature
    Season Of The Witch (2011)
    Summer Wars
    The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension
    The Asphyx
    The Beast (1996)
    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)
    The Mind’s Eye
    The Pit (1981)
    The Raid 2
    The Raid: Redemption
    When the Bough Breaks (1994)
    Willow Creek
    Wolf Children

  • Robert Swords:

    Hey Cecil, sorry about this but my memory failed me the other day.

    1. War Goddess(Italian movie, amazons breed with greek warriors who get paid)

    2. Sheena (1984 Tanya Roberts in a loincloth)

    3. Creepshow(1982)

    4. Tales From The Darkside (1990)

    5. The House Bunny (2008)

    6. God Bless America(2011 you briefly mentioned it once)

    7. The Big Lebowski(1997)

    8. Space Jam (1996 Daffy Duck and Michael Jordan funny)

    9. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

    10. Battle Of The Amazons(1973 Italian movie villagers stand up to Amazons)

    11. American Angels: Baptism Of Blood (1992 great women wrestlers movie)

    12. Screaming In High Heels(great documentary with the likes of Brinke Stevens)

    13. Double Dare (Documentary about the real Xena and Wonder Woman, Zoe Bell and Jeannie Epper)

    14. Going To Pieces: The Rise/Fall Of American Horror (documentary)

    15. Death Wish 3 (1985)

    16. SuperVixens(It’s a Russ Meyer explotation flick but fun with all these beauties whose names have “Super” in them)

    17. Divergent series(Now that they’ve ruined the franchise with the last one going to be a tv movie maybe you could do one or all of the others.)

    18. Deadly Friend (1986 A fun Wes Craven movie and a favorite of mine)

    I’m sorry for forgetting these, please excuse my tardiness.

  • Robert Swords:

    Hey uh sorry one last time, I meant instead of Supervixens here was A nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

    So sorry about this.
    All the Best Robert

  • Melissa:

    Seriously, I cannot stress out how much I want to see videos on The Funhouse Massacre and Girlhouse. Admittedly part of that is because I have a major girl-crush on Chasty Ballesteros, but I really, really do think these are awesome movies.

    The Funhouse Massacre and Girlhouse FTW!!!

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