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8 More days till Halloween


So this should be a super easy one. Also, to let you know now, this one won’t be up until Halloween night. Then that weekend I’m putting up a Netflix recommendation vid to take a break before I get into a solid November.

10 Responses to “8 More days till Halloween”

  • Cristiona:

    Love, love, love this movie.

  • Greg:

    I know what this is, but have to say, I’m afraid to say it’s just a bad movie.

  • They just covered “Halloween 3” on “How Did This Get Made?”.

    I knew about this (Michael Myers-less) movie *before* the podcast, but I had never watched the film until just a few days ago. I wrote some notes about it (that I posted on their messageboard). You might find some of these notes interesting (sorry in advance for the wall of text):

    1. Not only did Silver Shamrock pay for an insane amount of commercial ad time, they paid for a fleet of vans to drive through American neighborhoods (equipped with speakers) to remind kids to watch the 9:00 “Big Giveaway.” In this universe, novelty items are the most profitable sales items in existence.

    2. Doctor Drunk can’t spend more than 30 seconds with his family before getting paged (and told to return to the hospital), but he’s able to take a long, unscheduled vacation with Ellie Grimbridge? Shouldn’t he be fired immediately?

    3. When the bad guys capture Doctor Drunk, they slap a flimsy skull mask on his head, tie him to a chair, and lock him in a room with a TV set. The idea is that the TV will eventually melt the doctor’s head (during the 9:00 “Big Giveaway”). But they’re in the factory where they have the commercial ready to play at a moments notice! Why not melt Doctor Drunk’s head immediately?
    Also, Doctor Drunk would have had an easier time shaking the shitty mask off his head (than bouncing around in his chair and kicking the TV screen).

    4. This is just a nitpick from a business standpoint: Why are the skull masks (which need to be mostly white) the only masks made of black latex? I guess the Silver Shamrock company doesn’t care how much white paint they need to buy… it’s a billion dollar company, apparently.

    5. If Little Buddy’s father is the most successful Silver Shamrock mask salesman, wouldn’t you think Little Buddy would already own all three stupid masks? Why is he so excited to receive a free one at the factory?

    6. Paul asked why the robot people were still chipping away at the Stonehenge block (even though the scheme is pretty much over). I’ll go further and ask this: Why did they need to steal the entire block? They made all the masks they wanted (enough to ship all over the U.S.), and they had a warehouse full of extras. In addition to the extra (completed) masks, they had even more Shamrock badges in boxes that weren’t being used… and yet they only chipped away at maybe 10% of the Stonehenge block! Wouldn’t stealing only a small piece have been much, much easier?

    7. Why was Marge Gutterman scratching at the computer chip inside the Silver Shamrock medallion? Give her a circuit board from anything (a computer, a remote control, whatever), and what she was doing wouldn’t help her identify the chip’s function!

    8. There are a lot of extra Silver Shamrock masks going to waste inside that factory. If Conal Cockring wanted to sacrifice as many children as possible, why didn’t he replace Marge’s order immediately? Or why didn’t he donate some of those masks to charity (so poor children could also die)?

  • Steve:

    Halloween 3 has always been one of those movies that I love but I don’t exactly know why – I guess cause at it’s heart it’s just so goofy, but that goofiness has the ‘Halloween’ wrapping. Music, Dean Cundey’s photography (I’m a sucker for squashed Panavasion blue lens flares), etc.

    Saw ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ for that first time last night based on your recommendation and loved it. Just an awesome movie. Actually parts of it are pretty amazing – During the Sam v Mr Kreeg scene, it threw in homages to ‘Pet Sematary’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Evil Dead 2’, ‘The Thing’, and who knows what else within about 5 minutes, all while being effective on it’s own. I want to watch it again already just to look for stuff.

    • Cecil:

      So glad Halloween 3 is getting the praise it deserves. So much goodness.

      Great! Sam is such a neat little character. I’m happy as hell they just announced the sequel.

  • demonknight:

    I know this one… You got an advance screening of Halloween 3D, from the director of Drive Angry and Dracula 2000.

    Just kidding. I love Halloween III. Just got the Special Edition from Shout Factory this past week. It’s my favorite of the franchise, followed closely by 1&2.

    • Cecil:

      I have to get the blu of part 2 from Shout. I did just get the 35th anniversary edition of the original. Awesome transfer. Looks amazing and they put in lots of bonus material.

      • demonknight:

        I didn’t get the BDs, as I (for the time being) refuse to upgrade. I got Shout’s version of 2 as well. It’s awesome.

        Man, they must be becoming your favorite company, between Halloween 3, Night of the Comet, Incredible Melting Man, Ninja 3, Phantasm 2, etc.
        Also, there are the possibilities of Chopping Mall and Society.

        • Cecil:

          Blu’s finally came down to a price I feel is fair. I didn’t get them for the longest time but now when I can get the deluxe edition of An American Werewolf in London on Blu for $5, I think all is well.

          Shout/Scream factory is doing an ample job of draining my wallet. So many great releases.

          Chopping Mall is getting a deluxe Blu next year but I don’t think it is coming from Shout.

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