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American Cyborg Steel Warrior – Episode 134

14 Responses to “American Cyborg Steel Warrior – Episode 134”

  • Cristiona:

    Wow. Way to go, Handsome Eric. These intros keep getting better.

    Hm. Seems Mary (I see what they did there) should be fine. That fetus will let her shoot bombs!

    You know, if she’s The Last Fertile Woman, couldn’t she carry the baby to term? Seems safer than cutting it out of her, sticking it in a jar, carryng it somewhere, and then stuffing it into an artiicial womb. Having a pregnant woman running about probably would have been less sexy, but you’d think this would be a pretty major plothole.

    I wonder if the white blood was inspired by Alien.

    Seeing this has me in the mood for Omega Doom. Probably because of the Cyborg’s noisy servos.

    • Cecil:

      Eric is my personal rock star. I get excited every time he tells me there is a new video in the drop box. We usually work on these weeks in advance so it is awesome to see my ideas getting mixed with his and then the final product.

      LOL yeah, Mary, last fertile woman. Very subtle, heh.

      They hinted but never really went into the whole explanation of how she had the baby removed. I think they just wanted to add an element of “package” mission to the whole thing. They also couldn’t have had the countdown with the baby in her.

      I thought the white blood was borrowed from the Synthetics in Alien as well but couldn’t find anything concrete. Most likely they just wanted to have wacky healing blood for the cyborg and used hand lotion since it would disappear as he rubbed it in.

      Omega Doom!!! I have that on a two pack with Blind Fury.

  • lsblue:

    Another fine entry Cecil. I do miss Canon Films.

  • Mike M:

    Looks like an enjoyable flick…..sorta like Hell comes to Frogtown except without Roddy Piper as the last fertile person alive.

  • James:

    Dude awesome review Cecil!!!! Gotta build up my Cannon film collection, I seem to be lacking. Cecil, I NEED A LIST of Cannon Flicks to get!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Here are some essentials. (although unfortunately, some are not yet on DVD)

      The Apple
      Enter the Ninja
      New Year’s Evil
      Revenge of the Ninja
      10 to Midnight
      Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo
      Exterminator 2
      Ninja III The Domination
      Missing in Action
      American Ninja
      Invasion USA
      America 3000
      Over the Top
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
      American Ninja 2
      Masters of the Universe
      Alien from LA
      Kinjite Forbidden Subjects
      The Borrower
      Captain America

      More than enough to get you started!

      • Lucas:

        Funny though. Many are being released by Shout! Factory:
        -Exterminator 2
        -Captain America
        -America 3000
        -Ninja III

        Also, you’re in a slump of films I’ve never heard of. And I know more about movies than anyone else I know in person.

        • Cecil:

          Yep, and thanks to the 4 pack recently put out from Shout!, I now own all of those.

          As far as going obscure, you should see some of the ones I put off for now simply because they are so unknown. (although I still plan on covering them eventually) I’ve got 2 coming up after this week that are a tad more well known. One from the 70s and one from the 80s.

  • mogens:

    review dick tracy next

  • Viewer:

    Joe Lara, a B movie hero, and the best TV Tarzan to date. 🙂
    Can’t wait for that Cannon documentary. If you haven’t seen the two documentaries that Mark Hartley did before starting the work on the one about Cannon, they’re a must see. The first one, Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2008), is about the exploitation and B movie boom in Australia during the 1970’s and early 80’s (which gave us Mad Max among other things), and the second one, Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010), is about the boom of the US exploitation and B-movie productions (primarily by Roger Corman) in the Philippines in the 1970’s and early 80’s (which gave us Apocalypse Now), during Marco’s dictatorship.

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