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Anaconda Episode 207

2 Responses to “Anaconda Episode 207”

  • The Viewer:

    You’re right on the money on this one This movie was one of the last good animal horror movies, a genre that took off guns blazing during the 70s (unless you count THEM! from a decade earlier as the first good one) and pretty much ended with the 1990s.

    Not only that the people behind the movie chose a good animal villain that most people knew next to nothing about up to that point, yet feared it anyway, but the director knew exactly what tone to hit and who to cast to get that.

    This movie introduced me to a whole cast of actors I didn’t know about (including Ice Cube, since I’m not from the States or listen to rap). And if you’re going to see John Voight for the first time in a movie, this might just have been the last best chance to do so (since he is, as you said, as memorable as the freaky snakes, and this may just be his most fun role he’s ever done) .

    And the sequels are indeed abominable.

    By the way, Cecil, have you ever heard of Rising Storm (1989), a Sci-Fi postapocalyptic action comedy starring Zach Galligan from Gremlins as a small time thief who along with his brother agrees to bodyguard two cute but secretive sisters/archaeologists, who search for an ancient artifact that could change the bleak present. Also starring is John Rhys-Davies, who plays the right hand of a televangelist fascist dictator, who rules what remains of the US.
    Never heard of the movie before, but the trailer makes it look like something curious and fun that should be featured on your show. Check the trailer out for yourself:

  • mogens:

    better openions than mike matei

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