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Another win! (on a game that wasn’t planned!)


A very odd turn of events that led to a second victory over another awful game.

I went live with Link: The Faces of Evil as planned but all the cutscenes were glitching out and I couldn’t progress in the game. So, I threw it to the audience and they decided to should switch to another game. I tried Swamp Thing for the NES and it ended up being brutally difficult. After seeing nothing but the first level for about an hour, everyone agreed I should try the second choice The Last Action Hero for the NES.

I had to punch the Grim Reaper in the face in order to get into the movie theater, which was unexpected.

This one was also difficult, however much like Dracula, the bosses were easy. Must be a Sony Imagesoft/Psygnosis thing. The first few levels were rough due to the sheer amount of enemies and the fact that they didn’t always take damage when hit. (they took damage when they felt like it) Once I got past the helicopter level the game switched to super easy, like the developers were giving me a break. It took me two and a half hours to get to this point and then 4 minutes to get through the last 2 levels and beat the game. Seriously.

Not sure what I’m going to play next but I’m pretty sure it won’t be a platformer. If I can figure out what went wrong with Link, I’ll line it up again for a future challenge.

So while the original game didn’t get played, it still was a fun evening. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by.

4 Responses to “Another win! (on a game that wasn’t planned!)”

  • jack:

    I tuned in wondering why you were playing Swamp Thing. Missed the part where you tried Link first then Last Action Hero.

    • Cecil:

      I wanted to go into these games fresh but for the future I am going to have to play them a little more to make sure they are ok. Link I thought was fine but just was not loading the videos properly. I didn’t look too much into Swamp Thing or I would have nixed that from the beginning. Good grief, I got further in Ninja Gaiden then I got in Swamp Thing.

  • Mike Castaldo:

    And an unexpected bonus was all the punching you got to do to Ash Ketchum!

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