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Blair Witch – Movie Review

3 Responses to “Blair Witch – Movie Review”

  • Jonathan:

    Only watched the first few minutes because I want to go into this movie knowing as little as possible…but I’m already so disappointed.

    Your reviews have been pretty spot on, and you’ve introduced me to some excellent horror flicks in the past. I’m hoping we disagree this time. I’ll come back to finish the review once I see the movie.

  • Melissa:

    I actually kind-of like Blair Witch 3. Now, let me clarify that I do not think it’s better than the 1st movie, but I don’t think it’s terrible. The jump scares, Peter being a butt-hole and actually seeing the witch I could’ve done without. But, I don’t mind that it follows the same beats as the 1st (Force Awakens follows the same beats as A New Hope and it turned out all right.) and I also find the time travel as sort of a mind-screwy element that fits well with the universe.

    Though, I do agree it could and should have been much better. But at least we got a decent performance from Corbin Reid (She played Ashley, the girl who died in the attempted drone retrieval scene.)

  • Jeffrey:

    I tend to agree with just about everything you said. There were too many jump scares. I don’t know what’s worse that they were all the same jump scare or that because they were the same you could pretty much predict when they were coming.

    I saw the first two flicks in the theater and loved them both. After watching that first one when I went home, went to bed, and closed my eyes all I could see was the forest and stickmen. More than any horror movie I had seen at the time it had a lasting impact on me and I just could not understand why some people hated it so much. With this new one I started to empathize with the people who hated the first one. The problem a lot of people seemed to have with The Blaire Witch Project was that the characters were obnoxious, immature, and annoying. You’re right, I just could not stand the Peter character and was seriously contemplating leaving the theater after the first ten minutes. I couldn’t grasp why the hell this group would ask the locals for help going into the woods and then act like assholes and mock them the entire time.

    This movie reminded me of As Above So Below. I realize we’re living in the 21st century and there’s a camera in everything but there was way too much tech in this movie. Filmmakers just don’t get the found footage genre. All you need to make it work is a few people and some handheld cameras. I facepalmed myself when they brought out that fucking drone. All those fancy cameras did was make it look more like a regular movie and not found footage. I don’t know if it was meant to be a twist but when they woke up to the stickmen outside their tents I instantly knew it was the townies. The instant that girl started climbing the tree I knew she was coming down. It didn’t make sense that she would climb it in first place! She’s been injured this whole time and now she’s weak and feverish and she thinks its a good idea to dislodge a drone stuck at the very top of the tree, a drone that has been no help at all?!

    I finally got on board when the spooky stuff started happening like when the the two groups reunite and we learn the other group has been wandering around for 6 days. I figured if whatever force it is in the woods could disorient Josh, Heather, and Mike so much they could travel all day just to end up at the same place it was reasonable that it could also alter time to make a permanent night. I felt as bad and cliche as most of the movie was that last third made it worth it. I hope it makes enough money for a better sequel but I’ll still end up buying it when it comes to video. Hopefully it’ll have some bonus content that makes it worth it.

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