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Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 2

Just a quick one this week.

11 Responses to “Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 2”

  • As soon as I watched “Lockout” I knew it would on this site eventually. Turns out it was here sooner than I thought.

    One of my bigger issues with it is actually the DVD case with that big quote on the front cover that says “Its Die Hard Meets Blade Runner”. Okay comparing it to “Die Hard” I get, but why “Blade Runner”? Because its a science fiction movie? Don’t get me wrong I love Blade Runner, but its a slow movie and with very little action and more to do with exploring the nature of consciousness. Like you said “Lockout” is “Escape from New York in Space”, but I guess “Escape from New York” isn’t too well known amongst the general public and it has a “long title” that just wouldn’t fit in a blurb length quotation.

    • john:

      It’s Fortress 2 meets Escape from LA. 🙂

    • Cecil:

      You pretty much nailed it. Escape from New York was too long for them to fit on the poster, unless it was something like “Its Escape from New York for the tween generation!”. Die Hard meets Blade Runner is short and automatically puts an image in people’s heads that this is action plus sci-fi. Most likely the dopes in marketing never even saw Blade Runner they just know it by name.

  • john:

    Probably already know this but they are doing a remake of Silent Night.

    One of the better Christmas themed films was the 2005 horror/comedy Santa’s Slays.

    • Cecil:

      Yep. I wonder if there will be protests like when the first one was out. I’m curious to see what direction they take it. Serious? Silly? Both?

      Santa’s Slay is a riot. Surprised it didn’t frachise.

  • Jimaur:

    Blood n’ Bone- Badass! I also would recommend Undisputed II, also starring Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins
    The Final- Interesting premise. I’ll have to take a look
    Lock-Out- Sorry, I did not like this movie. I just kept thinking “Where’s Jason Statham?” the entire time
    Jim Norton, Please be offended-I’m just now coming around to Norton so I’ll check it out
    Remains- I’d say pass but I think the version I saw was edited so I’ll have to see it uncut
    Surface- I watched it when it first aired and thought it was ok. I may give it a look after I’m done with “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends”
    Rubber- I’ve actually heard about it and really want to see it

    • Cecil:

      Another good MJW movie is Never Back Down 2. It focuses more on other guys fighting but he is the “mentor”. I’m really enjoying his fighting movies, they are some of the most visceral action movies in recent memory.

      Every time I do one of these there is always at least one that folks disagree with. I’m honestly surprised its Lockout. I thought it kicked ass and aside from the rushed car chase sequence, I thought it was a blast. Oh well.

      Remains has some bad acting but there was a charm in it I liked. Not a great movie but it kept me interested for the full duration.

      Oh Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends! I had a major crush on Firestar when I was a kid.

      Rubber is bizarre so be prepared for some head scratching lol

  • Foobs:

    I watched Rubber a few months ago. While I tthought it had some interesting ideas and images, I didn’t think it did anything of consequence with them…

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    I like Michael Jai White so I’ll have to check Blood and Bone out but as far as MMA films go theres no beating Warrior. Tom Hardy beats the crap out of people for 2 hours it’s awesome.

    Rubber was brilliant favourite line is “come back he’s reincarnated as a tricycle”.

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