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Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 3

While I wait for my new power supply so I can repair my PC, please enjoy a quick episode. A few more movies currently on Netflix Instant that you should watch.

14 Responses to “Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 3”

  • john:

    The complaint against Netflix here in the UK is the selection of films available at least initially it might have changed since then is that the newest films were about 2 or 3 years old. How new are the films on Netflix in the US that is obviously a better service?

    A movie I liked that I thought was underrated or received bad reviews that done what Buried failed to do remain suspenseful and not tedious was a film called Brake staring Stephen Dorff that starts with the same basic simple concept of someone being kidnapped and trapped in a bullet proof box with a timer being driven around in the boot of a car where events unfold and you discover who, why and what it is about.

    I don’t know if it is on Netflix but is on YouTube.

    • Cecil:

      Its a shame that typical studio nonsense (region locks) are what is stopping the service from being better in other territories. I know they eventually want to be able to give everyone the same level of service but the studios just want to make it as difficult as possible.

      The selection here in the US gets better and better. The movies they have for streaming aren’t movies just hitting DVD (although every now and then they get one, like V/H/S or Death Race 3) but most of the big ones come out on streaming around the same time they would be hitting cable. Netflix is trying to get the product sooner but the cable companies have a firm grip on the market so they are fighting them as much as they can to prevent them from getting content. Case and point, HBO just inked a 10 year deal with Universal that only they would get their movies. Bravo jackasses, it’s not like technology will change in the next 10 years. Oh wait…

      Never heard of Brake but Netflix has it on DVD. I’ll check it out.

      • john:

        Gee and they wonder why illegal download of films is such a problem having learned nothing from the whole Napstar and eventually iTunes lesson.

        Sometimes it is even worse here in the UK by the time some films get a theatrical release like The Lorax for whatever reason it is already available on DVD in the US and that’s if they (non-blockbuster films) get a wide theatrical release or a release at all depending on how successful it is in the US where they make most of their money.

        I just watched Death Race 3 about 2 days ago and thought it was great better than DR2 that I also liked. Did not like the first Statham Death Race though.

        “Never heard of Brake but Netflix has it on DVD. I’ll check it out.”

        I think you might like it. It is a simple concept well executed.

        If you don’t mind the foreign subtitles here is the YouTube link.

        Avoiding reading the comments as the top rated comment spoils the ending.

        I upload the sci-fi film Endangered Species/Earth Alien with a pretty good cast (Eric Roberts, Arnold Vosloo and John Rhys-Davieson) on my alternative YouTube channel seeing how no one else did if you want to watch that film as well that is not nearly as bad as I remember that is actually quite good minus the terrible special effects, bad editing effects and stupid plot.

        • Cecil:

          They never look at it from that perspective. It’s always theft that is harming the industry, not an archaic business model or terrible movies.

  • Cristiona:

    But is Strippers vs Werewolves as pointlessly political as Strippers vs. Zombies?

    I think I’ll add StakeLand to my queue, as it looks pretty cool and like it might be a lot of fun. I also wholeheartedly agree with you on Equilibrium; it was a fantastic movie with some great fight scenes. Gun Kata may be absurd, but it certainly looked awesome!

    • Cecil:

      If you are talking about Strippers vs Zombies (aka Zombies Zombies Zombies) I don’t remember there being a political aspect. However, it was kind of dull and aside from a pretty cool moment late in the film, I was let down. If you are referring to Zombies vs Strippers, I haven’t seen that one yet. Or you could have been making a joke and it flew way over my head.

      SvsW did push it a little by including the sort-of vampire slayer aspect but it did it in such a silly way that I gave it a pass. Plus, I am a sucker for girls with British accents…one of the many reasons I miss Billie Piper on Doctor Who.

      I am beyond happy that so many people are aware of Equilibrium. ^^

  • Ebb n Flow Man:

    I think Equilibrium should labeled under “The Future Is Wrong, Let’s Fix It With Violence.” genre.

    For some reason, it’s my favorite type of genre.

  • Marco:

    Equilibrium is great! A must see and great fit for the (good, old) Fear Factory (fan Video) of their song Archetype.

    And Explorers ahhh… childhood memories…..I’m old. 🙁 I’ve always liked Goonies & Explorers more than ET. Damn you scary ET sickness & oppressive government!

    If only Netflix would have the decency and be available in germany :(…

    • Cecil:

      Hell yeah old Fear Factory!

      I think I’d put Explorers up there in that magical “kids movies that are still awesome” like Goonies, ET, Adventures in Babysitting, Flight of the Navigator, and yes even The Wizard.

      Netflix is trying I’m sure! Eventually I’m sure they will be global, at least I hope so.

  • Equilibrium is an old favourite of mine.

    In Canada it got wide release through Rogers Television’s Movies on Demand.

    The film influenced many student films in High School and really spoiled a generation of my movie going friends. Gun Kata’s mixed with distopia are always worth experience

    Also the power that Sean Bean read aloud is a beauty.

    Yeats, Cloths of heaven

    • Cecil:

      It played in 1 art house theater in Philly when it was released. They totally blew it. The movie didn’t cost that much to make, they could have had a wide opening for it and would have more than made their money back.

  • AlfaEcotangoRomeo:

    From all these, i Had previusly watched Equilibrium, yes is a good one, but somehow it feels laking something.

    As for the other movies, i just watched stakeland and never back down, woow, brutal movies, i really enjoyed them. Thanks for the recomendation. Can’t wait for the next.

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