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Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 7

Busy, busy, busy week got in the way. Devil’s Rain is pushed back to next week, so for this week enjoy some more Netflix recommendations.

19 Responses to “Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 7”

  • dhanel:

    I always enjoy hearing your recomendations. but a Travolta movie come on. he is one of the worst actors in human history. his pathetic smirk. the fact that he can ruin movies just by his precence, that he is directly responsible for creating for more box office bombs than ed wood, uwe boll, and roger korman combined. his fan base is made up of of two groups deranged bitter overweight women who have been alienated from every man they have ever known because of there horrible personalities and still carry on a crush from the 70s, and the pathetic lonely 40 + year old gay men pinning for him to admit the obvious. Travolta movies are good for one thing torturing terrorism suspects although that would definitely be a war crime. None the less thanks for sharing your recomendations. i also really appreciate all the hard work you put in thanks again

    • Cecil:

      Wow, never heard anyone dislike Travolta so much. He doesn’t bother me, there are far worse actors out there. I wouldn’t even label him as bad, he was great in Pulp Fiction, The Punisher, Broken Arrow (so much silliness), Blow Out (amazing film), and I freaking loved him in Face/Off. Channing Tatum is by far a million times worse than Travolta.

      However, everyone is well entitled to their opinion! For example, I have a gargantuan dislike of Julia Roberts.

      Thanks for the props, glad you like the show. 🙂

  • mogens:

    will you review howard the duck?
    please review indiana jones

    • Cecil:

      Howard the Duck will most likely be a landmark episode. (like 200 or something)

      No. Not doing Crystal Skull so you can stop asking.

  • Cristiona:

    F was Death by Furry?

    • Cecil:

      LOL! Not too far off actually.

      Thats actually from H, which was my least favorite. The look was great (lots of work went into the costumes) but the whole thing was a cluster.

      • Cristiona:

        I have to admit, for those couple frames, that costume did look astounding. That sort of thing usually wallows in the deepest reaches of the uncanny valley, but that one looked… real. I’m almost tempted to check it out just for that.

        Also, mogens is partially right: you should do Temple of Doom. Temple of Doom is tragically underrated and my second favorite Indy movie. I mean, come on. The mine cart scene! That’s 100% pure high-octane awesome.

        • Steve:

          Temple of Doom isn’t a good bad movie – it’s an awesome movie – period!!! It’s the only movie I ever sat through back to back in the theater. I went with my brother, the movie ended, we looked at each other and said let’s just sit here. We didn’t get kicked out – watched it again. 1984 – best movie summer ever. As for ‘Crystal Skull’ – it doesn’t belong on Good Bad Flicks. It belongs on ‘movies we never want to see or think about again’.

        • Cecil:

          It was a shame because it looked so cool but it was just made no sense, at least to me. I felt like it was a waste. I think the movie is worth watching simply for the creativity of it. It shows how far some directors were willing to go without any restrictions. Sometimes it worked, others times…not so much. Still, a cool thing to see if you have the 2 hours.

          I know Temple of Doom is considered silly (often referred to as Temple of Zoom due to the brisk pace) but I love it. I know some folks will bash it but I think it feels way more like a proper Indy movie than Crystal Skull did. I’ll keep it in mind as an episode to perhaps give a more serious look. Being a high profile film might get me some attention. (of course, defending the film I’d probably be accused of trolling)

          • Steve:

            You nailed it on Crystal Skull not feeling like a ‘proper’ Indy movie. I only saw it once and that’s all I needed. If I see it on the channel guide I avoid even turning it on. The biggest problem for me is that a lot of the ingredients were there, but it just felt all….wrong.

            The opening scene: setpieces like an atomic blast and a rocket sled. A proper Indy movie would have somehow managed to end up having Indy escape from said atomic blast on the rocket sled. Outrageous, but done in a way that might be slightly plausible – like the raft drop in Temple of Doom. Instead, we get ‘The Fridge’.

            The jungle chase scene: big Russian tree chopper thingy. A proper Indy movie would have managed to work in a suspenseful fight with peril from said tree chopper thingy. Instead we get Shia Labeouf’s ‘fencing’ and saving the day with his monkey friends.

            Marion’s character: Proper – should have slugged Indy when they first met. Instead – we get goo-goo eyes at Indy for the rest of the movie.

            Don’t even get me started on CGI prairie dogs, ants, waterfalls, and why wouldn’t they get Ke Huy Quan to cameo Short Round at the wedding.

            I’m done. I apparently have un-resolved Crystal Skull issues. Maybe I should try watching it again with the attitude that it’s not an Indy movie and it might be more enjoyable.

          • Cecil:

            Marion was so watered down. She had none of the feistiness from Raiders. I understand she would have grown up some but they could have had at least a little bit. Instead she was just a lost puppy dog around Indy. Mutt saving the day over and over was frustrating because you could feel them trying so hard to set it up for Shia to take over the franchise. I like the guy fine but as a successor to Harrison Ford? No way.

            The CGI abuse was running rampant and just tons of other nonsense that didn’t need to be in the movie.

          • Cristiona:

            Honestly, I think I’m the one person who didn’t mind the fridge. They took the time to show it was lead lined, so it’s all okay. It felt right in place for a 50s serial. And let’s be honest, those did more goofy stuff than a fridge. Where Crystal Skull really went off the rails was Mutt playing Tarzan, and far stupider, magnetic gunpowder. Not to mention the selective magnetism of the skull.

            But it really all boils down to the Crystal Skull being the wrong kind of artifact. The Ark, the stones, and the Grail were all religious artifacts. Hell, they were pretty much out and out relics. While you could argue the skull was technically a relic, it was too sci-fi and not enough raw adventure.

            Advancing the era to the Cold War was fine, it worked with Ford’s age. Hell, even Mutt was fine (I actually liked the diner scene). Having the bad guys be Those Darn Commies was fine. It’s just… aliens? Really guys? Doesn’t fit the world. Indy lives in a magical world where God punishes people for opening the ark, the Holy Grail grants immortality, where Mola Ram can pull out a dude’s still beating heart. Aliens have no place in that world.

          • Cecil:

            I think the fridge is just a bigger part of the whole. If the movie was good and the fridge scene was in there, it wouldn’t bother me as much. However, when mixed with all the other nonsense that goes on its just more fuel to an inferno of horrible choices.

            This was a pure example of 2 veterans of the industry who have become so powerful no one dares to tell them the ideas they are throwing out there are shit.

  • mogens:

    please please review indiana jones peble just hates tembles of doom and crystal skull

  • mogens:

    all 4 indy movie kicks ass eksept the young indiana jones

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    For Crystal Skull they should’ve gone the James Bond route and replace Ford with a younger actor and no I don’t mean Shia LaBoeuf.

    • Cecil:

      The whole movie was a setup for Shia to take over the franchise. They only dropped it after the general public completely turned their nose up at the idea. (Thankfully)

      • ThatIsAnAndroid:

        I know and I actually don’t hate Shia but he’s not got what it takes for that role.

        If Disney decide to revive the series it should be set a bit after Last Crusade and someone like Josh Holloway should be Indiana Jones.

        • Cecil:

          I don’t mind Shia. I liked him in Even Stevens and Disturbia. I think he is kind of stuck in that “running yelling kid” typecast ever since Transformers. If you back and watch his stuff before that, he didn’t act this way. I think it is smart that he is trying to distance himself and remind people he is a decent actor.

          Honestly, I think they should just leave the Indy series be. Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. Any attempt to remake such an iconic character is just stupid. Certain movies I can understand why they would remake them but when you have a legendary character like this, it makes no sense. Just do something else. Hell, do Uncharted. That way you can do the Indiana Jones type thing and not piss everyone off.

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