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Championing Hated Movies Week 3 with Geek Juice – Cecil’s List


This week it is my list of movies that I feel are unfairly hated. So if you have an hour, listen to me defend some movies I really like. This week it’s Lockout, Terminator Salvation, Jason X, and Shark Night. I also did an episode of GBF on Shark Night so you can check that out if you want a little more of a look into why I liked it.

20 Responses to “Championing Hated Movies Week 3 with Geek Juice – Cecil’s List”

  • mogens:

    my gulity plesure
    1.the grince remake from 2001 or 2003
    2.batman and robin
    3.home alone 3
    4.jurrasick park the lost world
    5.jason x
    6.the room
    7.moonwalker the movie
    8.indiana jones and the tembles of doom
    9.indiana and the kingdom of the crystal skull

    • Lucas:

      Haven’t seen a few of those. Hate some (Home Alone 3, Grinch, Temple of Doom). Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Jurassic Park 2 were alright. I didn’t hate Batman and Robin the way that most do.

  • Mark M.:

    Some of these are more ‘obscure’ or ‘cult classic’ than ‘guilty pleasure’ but here’s a top 10 list of often panned movies I enjoy that have yet reviewed on this site…as far as my eyesight tells me:

    10. The Three Stooges–mentioned briefly in the podcast. I say if you are a fan of the originals give this a chance. The actors really tried hard to mimic the guys. There are a few groans due to offensive modern “humor” moments and the movie runs a bit too long, but for what it is I defend it.

    9. Mimic

    8. The Graveyard Shift

    7, Christine

    6. Popeye–Robin Williams classic with horrendous musical numbers that clearly ran out of budget in the end.

    5. Jesus Christ Superstar

    4. Rollerball–should go without saying, but the James Caan one.

    3. Dune–I will kill him!!

    2. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

    1. Fright Night–the superior 80s version with Evil Ed and Roddy McDowell

  • john:

    I have only seen your review of Shark Night not the actual movie itself so I can’t comment on it but with the ton of shark films out there most of which look low grade it at least it looks OK.

    Got to disagree on Terminator Salvation that was nothing more than a cash in on the Terminator franchise. Better than 3 but that is not saying much.

    Off the top of my head 4 movies that are unduly maligned as bad are:

    1) Spiders (2000)
    2) Superhero movie
    3) Stolen (Good Nicholas Cage movie)
    4) Branded (Admittedly the execution of the film was not particularly well done but it had a great concept and if they did a Hollywood remake with good writers it would make a great film).

    Lockout did not fare well I think despite not opening to any real competition mainly because it did not receive any major publicity and marketing prior to its release.

    It was just a film that suddenly appeared in the theatres and when people learned of the basic outline of the story they immediately think it is just a bad rip off of escape from New York plus at that time Guy Pearce did not have the same screen presence as he does now after featuring in Prometheus and Iron Man 3.

    With Prometheus I assume they initially had additional scenes of Guy Pearce’s character when he was younger like in the viral video TED talk promo a part of which was in the 1st full length trailer of the film that never appeared in the final version of the film.

    • Mark M.:

      With Prometheus some love it and some hate it, but I really enjoyed it myself. It did leave me wanting more, but it looks like we’ll get more and that’s good. I haven’t seen the others on your list, but ‘Superhero Movie’ isn’t that bad. It got unfairly lumped in with all of those crappy ‘movie movie” parodies, but ‘Superhero’ followed one storyline for the most part and reminded me more of the good ol’ days of ‘The Naked Gun’ and ‘Airplane’ than most of the other spoofs that have come out. The Stephen Hawking guy cracked me up. BTW, I didn’t like it as much as ‘Superhero’ but I thought ‘Vampires Suck’ was trying pretty hard too.

      • john:

        ..for the most part and reminded me more of the good ol’ days of ‘The Naked Gun’ and ‘Airplane’”

        Exactly what I was thinking in regards to the Naked Gun series that are some of my favourite comedies of all time not just because Leslie Nielsen is in it but the overall humour and scenes where similar like the peace conference where Dragonfly unrobes the Dahlia Lama reminded me of the scene with the queen of England in the 1st Naked Gun film.

      • Cecil:

        I think a lot of people that are mad at Prometheus should be mad at themselves for not paying attention. For example, I’ve heard numerous arguments from people about how since this was a prequel it screwed up the continuity of Alien. No it didn’t. The planet in Alien was LV-426. The planet in Prometheus was LV-223.

        I’ll admit I’ve only seen a little of Superhero movie but it looked to be more like the “Epic/Date/Crap” movies. I’ll give it a shot if I see it on. I do like a decent spoof, aside from the obvious ones like Police Squad, I did like Wrongfully Accused if for nothing else the Buzzin Frog scene.

    • Cecil:

      I really liked Terminator Salvation. I just can’t see what is wrong with it. I may have to do an episode on it at some point.

      • john:

        That would be good. I would like to see what you actually liked about the film. There are some points I like about the film but overall just did not think it was good.

  • Lucas:

    Cecil, I loved this series so much that I’ve decided to pick up:
    -Slither (watching it now) and Super (loved it)
    -Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
    -the Friday the 13th movies (1-4, 6-8, Jason X)
    -Shark Night
    -Blair Witch 1&2

    I had already seen Ladykillers and Jurassic Park 3.

    Thanks to the Geek Juice guys.

    • Cecil:

      I always enjoy hearing this. You just got a ton of good entertainment. There are a few more episodes so I’ll be sure to post them when they are ready.

      • Lucas:

        I have no need for them. I visit Geek Juice on a daily basis. But what are you Hating Loved Movies…?

        My four for the Championing Hated Movies would definitely be:
        -Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
        -Halloween 5
        -The Faculty
        -Jersey Girl

        • Cecil:

          We already recorded the first episode of hating loved movies but that won’t be up for I’d say another week or so.

          1 – Hated GR2, mostly because of the ADD infused style of directing.
          2 – Halloween 5 is good. I think it gets flack because it is a drop off from 4.
          3 – People hate The Faculty? That movie is awesome!
          4 – Fallout from the whole Bennifer thing. Not a bad film but one of Kevin’s weaker movies. I liked it fine but I don’t watch it like I do Clerks, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, Mallrats, etc.

          • Lucas:

            Some do hat The Faculty (Josh). The only thing that I hate about it is that it loses Rodriquez’s style. His style is overshadowed by Kevin Williamson’s. That… and the pre-title sequence is way too long.

            Jersey Girl, I preferred to Zack and Miri, barely. Zack and Miri was good (until they started filming in the coffee shop), but I hate how Comedy Central is always playing it. It killed it for me.

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    Dunno why anyone would think Salvation was better than 3, at least 3 had that great car chase with Arnie being swung on a crane and for the first 20 minutes Kristanna Loken managed to be pretty intimidating as the evil terminator. Until Arnold showed up and it turned all slapsticky that is.

    These are what I would’ve picked:
    1 – Jingle All the Way
    2 – Under the Cherry Moon
    3 – Frankenstein (1994)
    4 – Mystery Men

  • john:

    Why the hate for Freddy vs Jason? I thought that was a surprisingly good film with a much better than expected story and humour.

    Maybe people are put off thinking it is a classic horror film like the other films in the Friday the 13th (except Jason X) and Nightmare on Elm Street series rather than a cross over horror comic book style film.

    • Cecil:

      I don’t remember anyone saying anything about Freddy vs Jason. (lousy memory!) I personally loved it. The only thing they could have done better was have Kane Hodder in the role.

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