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Cherry 2000 – Episode 68

You guys want some sandwiches?

5 Responses to “Cherry 2000 – Episode 68”

  • jeff:

    Damn, i knew i wasn’t the only one who loved Faux redheads.

    • Cecil:

      Super fake redheads are my favorite. I’m not even sure when I starting liking them, I think it may have been Melinda Clark in Return of the Living Dead 3 that made me take notice.

      I have a very attractive friend who dyed her hair super little mermaid red and put a purple stripe in it. It was one of the greatest things in the history of ever.

  • MVandi:

    So his name is….Johnson……

    Also, hooray for Tim!

  • Timo:

    Isn’t that robot next to Rob Gort from the original The Day Earth Stood Still? I could see some people wanting him to dominate them.

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