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Children of the Corn 2 The Final Sacrifice – Episode 120

Reviewing most vigorously.

25 Responses to “Children of the Corn 2 The Final Sacrifice – Episode 120”

  • mogens:

    movies you can review:
    1.stephen kongs it
    2.valhalla 1986
    3.the blair vith films
    4.mel brooks films
    5.the two ghostbusters films jam
    7.lonney toones back in action
    8.the land before lime films

    • Cecil:

      1 – Eh, not sure if I want to do IT. It’s pretty well known and well liked…at least the first half.
      2 – Valhalla is on my list
      3 – I love the Blair Witch movies and will probably do something serious with them…later in the year
      4 – Mel Brooks movies are too well known. They are awesome and nothing more I can really say about them.
      5 – Both Ghostbusters movies are massive blockbusters. Plus, doing comedy on top of comedy is suicide.
      6 – I hate Space Jam, sorry.
      7 – Same with Back in Action.
      8 – Not really a fan of the Land Before Time movies.

      So, at least I’ll get to some of these!

      • john:

        The only Steven King films I liked where The Shinning mainly due to Jack Nicholsons performance, Needful Things and The Mist who I think as an author is really overrated or perhaps they are just bad adaptations of films and TV series of his books.

        If you do a monster movie like you did with Shark Night or other reviews in the past it would be good if you did Spiders (2000).

        Modern films are to reliant on CGI that is really boring in a monster film.

        • Cecil:

          I don’t want to say he is overrated, because I don’t think he is, but he is overhyped. He’s very creative and has many amazing books but there are better authors out there that don’t get anywhere near the attention that he does. I don’t fault him for this though.

          He has written some great books but I feel that Koontz is better.

          King’s movie adaptations are hit or miss. They almost always have big budgets so there really is no excuse for how many of them turn into a mess.

          Spiders and a whole bunch of other Spider movies are on the list.

          CGI is a tool that most filmmakers have turned into a crutch. While I think it still should be used to enhance or fix things (remove wires, green screen) too many times it has turned into “EVERYTHING HAS TO BE CGI! BLOOD, SKY, COLOR, MONSTER, ETC”.

          Creativity used to rule the day and FX guys used to come up with ways to make things work. Now, its just make it CGI. Not deflating the talent of the artists who have to come up with the monsters and effects but even they would admit most times it is overplayed.

  • Cristiona:

    I expect a Rowsdower joke.

    You think Hellraiser’s bad, how about Witchcraft and its *twelve* (soft-core) sequels. How the hell did that happen?

    You can sort of tell that this was made in the early 90s. The clothing was in that awkward mid-transition phase, which is why you get that insanely plunging neckline on a t-shirt with shoulderpads.

    You make good point about the multiple perspectives. It also seems like they managed it without having it be a lame, “I wonder who the REAL monsters are” type of thing.

    • Cecil:

      Afterwards, you and a few people reminded me of Rowsdower and holy crap how did I miss the most obvious joke.

      Witchcraft is ridiculous. Even I haven’t seen them all. I remember watching most of them on cinemax when they used to run those old DTV movies all hours of the night.

      They definitely had a better script this time around. I still enjoy the first one but it is pretty one note the whole time.

  • “Oh please! Just one more sacrifice before we go!”
    “Alright, but this is … The Final Sacrifice!”

    Where did that kid get a bow and arrow? After all the Hawkeye/Merida/Katniss playsets released in the past year, arrows are going to be easier to find than guns.

  • john:

    They somehow where able to make 4 films out of the Violent Shit movie although I admit I liked the last one Violent Shit 4: Karl the Butcher vs Axe for what it was.

    Maybe they will turn Rise of the Black Bat into a trilogy like Nolan’s Batman.

  • sunrise089:

    Thanks for the review. With a very pregnant wife I may just be getting desperate, but Lacey was quite the cutie.

    I’ve not seen this film or the first installment, but two things jumped out at me in the review:

    1) The dialogue from the kid’s side seems to make them a lot less scarier. Kids with frozen expressions who silently stare right until they start murdering people is scary. Teenagers trying to recruit each other by criticizing their parents just seems emo.

    2) What’s with the subplot about poisoned corn? Is that just padding for time? The kids + the murders seem to be plenty villainous already.

    Is the traditional opening theme retired? I know you moved to a shorter version, but I’ll be very sad if it’s gone for good. For what it’s worth my vote would be unique openers for the special episodes like Request January, but the traditional theme the rest of the time.

    PS – Love the two Aqua Teen call-outs!

    • Cecil:

      No problem. An early congratulations on future baby!

      Nothing wrong at all, Lacey is cute the cutie.

      1) If you think this is bad the first one was worse with the kids talking about what they are doing. You want to see a movie with some scary ass kids? Check out The Children from 2008. Its not a remake, it just shares the name of another movies. The kids in that were creepy because they just had little to no reaction to what they were doing.

      2) The subplot makes more sense in the context of the film. I glossed over it but it works better in full. They were offering alternate views that maybe what was going on was not supernatural but man-made.

      The opening is on hiatus. Right now I have my friend doing the intros while he has the time and I’m going to try and get as many out of him as possible. They really do raise the production value. While I dig my old intros I get a lot of emails from people who skip them all the time.

      The Aqua Teen segments were just too perfect to pass up. 🙂

      • Shaun:

        I’d like to recommend the possible inspiration for Children of the Corn, Spanish film “Who Can Kill a Child?”

        It has suspense and social commentary on violence that’s probably superior than Corn’s original “corrupted small-town Christianity” angle. Used to be very obscure, but I think it’s on Netflix now.

  • mogens:

    1.scream movies
    2.more leprechaun reviews in the future (jusk think about it)
    3.disney sleepy hollow and tim burtons sleepy hollow
    4.theblack caldren
    5.peter jacksons braindead and bad teste and for the others that i alredy menshen ÅRHH COME ON YOU REVIEW REALLY BAD MOVIES THAT PEOBLE JUST HATE JUST THINK ABOUT IT PLEASE
    6.the evil dead movies
    7.shaun of the dead

    • Cecil:

      1 – Too well known although I have a movie that deconstructed horror before Scream did. (I do love the Scream movies, just to make that clear)
      2 – Definitely
      3 – I might do the Burton Sleepy Hollow eventually
      4 – Black Cauldron is great.
      5 – Peter Jackson’s old stuff is tremendous. Bad Taste, Dead Alive. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet.
      6 – Most likely ED 2
      7 – Shaun of the Dead is beloved and there really isn’t much I can add.

  • mogens:

    1.the terminator films
    2.the phyko films
    3.scary movie films
    4.shaun of the dead
    6.the final destination movies
    7.bad taste
    8. braindead

    • Cecil:

      1 – The Terminator movies are too huge. I might do 4 since I think its awesome and can’t figure out why people are so against it.
      2 – Do you mean Psycho? If so, maybe the second one.
      3 – I liked Scary Movie 1 and 3. The rest are pretty awful. Again though, not really much I could say about these that hasn’t already been said.
      4 – see comment in other
      5 – Not much to add.
      6 – I might cover the series as a whole retrospective at some point.
      7 and 8 – see other response

      • Shaun:

        I second Psycho, but the whole series. Same actor and perfect continuity, so why not string them together? I find 2, 3, and 4 all about the same quality, and 4 to be a fine ending (and semi-prequel).

        Throw in a homage to the late Anthony Perkins and USA Up All Night (I KNOW you watched this) and/or TNTs MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs* (YOU SHOULD have been watching this: ) and it’d be perfect!

        PERFECT I say!

        *Excluding the Drive-In Totals, you probably ARE Joe Bob Briggs, Web 2.0.

        P.P.S. Maybe you can strike a deal with mogens, if he donates $50 to your paypal, you’ll do one film he wants!

        • Cecil:

          Perhaps a retrospective on Psycho or at least the later, less appreciated ones.

          Oh I am well aware of USA up all night and lived on Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs. I miss those days.

          Wow, I take that comparison as one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. Joe Bob is awesome and definitely an influence.

          lol I don’t know $50 is pretty low to have to watch Crystal Skull again.

          • Shaun:

            JBB has kept up with the internet and social media quite well over the years, although he has also aged quite a bit.

            Why not send him a message asking to see his opinion on one of your reviews? He seems pretty responsive to fanmail, and your site has already gotten a film’s screenwriter to swing by.


          • Cecil:

            Hmmm…I may have to do that. I’d be honored if someone like him would take the time to check out little ol me.

            Also, I’ve had more than a few folks stop by the site. (writers, directors, etc) It makes my day every single time.

  • mogens:

    well add the end i really like you review bad movie that peoble yust hate

  • mogens:

    1.satans slay and jingle all the way
    2.chrismas story chrismas from 1976
    4.the grinch both versions
    5.the shrek films
    6.the two aliens vs predetor films
    7 the aliens films
    8.the two predetor films
    p.s i also like really bad movies

  • mogens:


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