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Christmas Shorts Riffs Revisited


Revisiting last year’s Christmas Shorts with an all new mostly guest cast riffing. Featuring Brad Jones, Cecil Trachenberg and mister X.

This was fun. So glad I finally was able to do one of these.

6 Responses to “Christmas Shorts Riffs Revisited”

  • demonknight:

    Good one. I do wish that you weren’t shot down as much. You were a bit quiet, but whenever you did say something X would kind of steal your thunder with a different, louder joke.

    • Cecil:

      The last time I liveriffed something it was Cop Rock with Lupa, which lent it self much greater to goofing on. These were so bizarre half the time I was trying to just wrap my brain around them. I also didn’t know my audio was coming in so low until I listened to the replay. Oh well.

      Also to be fair, Mister X was having audio issues so he was going off the stream. This is why he would occasionally talk over us. It wasn’t until about 40 minutes in where he was synced back up right.

  • poontang3zizo:

    Great chat. Totally loved it. Cliches to me are like preparing a dish. There’s a recipe you have to follow. You just have to. Sometimes a great chef will add something new and exciting. Then people will love the new twist on the meal. After some time they’ll get bored tho. And then someone else will come and change things around again.
    Btw Dark Angel was an awesome flick. Dolph Lundgren rocks!

    • Cecil:

      Cliches don’t need to stop altogether. Sometimes they do work and also, I like when they are averted. (although occasionally, that becomes the cliche) Like how when someone was standing in front of a medicine cabinet mirror, they would close it and the killer would be there. Now they close it and no one is there but then the run into the killer someplace unexpected.

      Yes he does!

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