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Clonus vs The Island – Good Bad Flicks

This week I start a new side series called Vs. In these I’ll take two movies that have major similarities, and talk about what they have in common and what they do differently.

This week I go into the battle between Parts the Clonus Horror and The Island.

22 Responses to “Clonus vs The Island – Good Bad Flicks”

  • rocco:

    Great episode. I love the new concept. Any thoughts on what else will be featured in the future?

    • Cecil:


      Yep, I have a few lined up.

      Exorcist The Beginning vs Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist
      Darkness Falls vs The Tooth Fairy
      When a Stranger Calls vs Don’t Answer the Phone
      Funny Games vs Funny Games
      Casablanca vs Barb Wire
      Black Swan vs Perfect Blue
      Reservoir Dogs vs City on Fire
      Star Wars vs The Hidden Fortress

      • jack:

        Endangered Species/Earth Alien vs I Come in Peace. 🙂

        Don’t know if this would count see one is a video game but The Da Vinci Code vs Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars.

        Wasn’t Funny Games just a shot for shot remake?

        • Cecil:

          Oh, that reminds me of Predator vs Flesh Wounds. Holy crap, that movie blatantly stole from Predator.

          I’ll have to look into those.

          Yeah, Funny Games the remake was just the same movie in english. I think its interesting to note that even though it was the same thing (same director, same script) the end result wasn’t as good as the first.

  • jack:

    Cool 2 new videos in 1 week and great concept for a series.

    Your “Every Reference in The Cabin in the Woods” video was reference in FunWithGurus “My Top 10 Easter Eggs and Secrets in Movies” video.

    I know you probably have missed most films this year so you won’t have a best and worst 2014 video but what was the best and worst film you have seen this year?

    My best Gone Girl Worst : The Extendables.

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, my comments blew up with people saying Fun with Guru sent me. Was very nice of him, I wrote him a thank you. I woke up to a few hundred new subs that day.

      I’m still planning on doing a best/worst of 2014 but it will just be a little later than normal.

  • Gary O'B:

    Like this a lot and an interesting list of what’s to come. I hope you include more about the various film makers reactions to having their films copied/ripped off/paid homage to.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’ll include them if I can get the footage. Most times they don’t comment though since they let the lawyers cover it. I think the Exorcist one should be interesting, the story to go along with it is better than the movies!

  • rocco:

    Awesome ideas. the Perfect Blue vs Black Swan will be a great one. Have you ever seen the Reservoir Dogs short doc entitled Who Are You Fooling by your occasional Radiodrome colleague Mike White? Its cool but I cant wait to see your take on the matter.

  • Great start to this series! I have one suggestion for your list: The Goonies Vs. Monster Squad.

  • Brig:

    I really like this new “versus” series! Will you do “Vs” for video games too?

    Also, The Clonus Horror looks like a pretty cool movie – I’ll have to check it out.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks Brig 🙂

      Interesting, I hadn’t thought about doing games…I’ll look into it. I’m sure there are plenty of ripoffs out there.

      Clonus is cool but you’ll probably like the MST3K version better. 🙂

  • mogens:

    Since its Christmas Will you review:santa Claus 1957 santa Claus conquer The matians and santa Claus and The ice greatm bunny?

  • mogens:

    I mean ice cream bunny

  • Sue:

    I actually didn’t know about Clonus but I’ll have to check it out. Like the whole vs idea – would you consider Rec vs Quarantine?

    • Cecil:

      Possibly. What I am looking for is not so much movies that are remakes but movies that have ripped another off, such as how Repo Men stole from Repo! The Genetic Opera. Although anything is possible, there is a good story about how the producers of Quarantine delayed the release of [REC] in the US so they could get their shitty movie out first.

  • helli0n:

    Great video..! I’ve got another one for you that I think would be right up your alley since you already did a review of the original – 2019: After the Fall of New York VS Children of Men

    Too repetitive since you reviewed the original maybe or would you think it could fit?

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