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CM’s Black Sheep Cinema episode 2: Friday the 13th PART 5 w/special guest Cecil

I was recently on The Cine-Masochist’s side project “Black Sheep Cinema”. He takes a look at popular horror franchises and picks that one movie in the series that the fans have issue with. He then goes over the film by taking a look at what makes the fans so angry and addresses why the movie shouldn’t be attacked at so harshly.

This episode is about Friday the 13th part 5, the entry in the franchise that makes fans mad because it isn’t really about Jason Voorhees. I jump in a ways into the video to express why I like the movie and why it is a solid entry, with or without Jason. (which in a way, brings to mind Halloween Season on the Witch…although that movie is a complete departure from the series)


CM is a very knowledgeable about low budget movies and if you haven’t already, you should give his show a view or two.

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  • MH:

    How come you don’t appear on camera in your videos?

    • Cecil:

      A few reasons.

      1) I have a background in radio so I’m more comfortable in front of a mic than in front of a camera.

      2) There are more than enough “guy sitting in his room yapping to webcam” shows. I wanted to do something different.

      3) By not appearing on camera I’m making the video about the movie, not about me.

      4) It’s easier for me because it is one less file type to edit. (although it would make some videos so much easier but I often do things the hard way)

      5) It adds an element of mystery to my videos. Who is the man behind the curtain?! Mwahahahahah!

  • Nice bonus this week,what with this and the Netflix recommends(fondly remember Dreamscape) but still looking forward to Policewomen later on this month. I’m not a big Friday the 13th fan yet this was very interesting. Also,I think that the little kid in Part Five here was the same young actor from Diff’rent Strokes who played Arnold’s best friend for a few seasons(gotta look that up!).

  • john:

    I don’t know if Jason 9 is Jason X or the remake that the guy oddly did not mention in the video but I recently watched Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th and thought it was a good film.

    Good body count, story and pacing of film and good looking women topless. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The only gripe I had is that the kills could have been much more creative.

    • john:

      I just realised how stupid my comment was. The fact that it is called Jason X would indicate it is 10. Duh!!

      • Cecil:

        lol yep X is 10

        Jason goes to hell is 9, Freddy vs Jason is considered 11.

        The girls in the reboot were super hot and Derek Mears made for a good Jason but I thought the story was bland and fairly stupid. Not as bad as the NoES reboot though.

        • john:

          The story was pretty standard 90’s horror pretty predictable and the kills where disappointing with no real creativity but I still found it an enjoyable flick (maybe all the hot topless chicks had something to do with it ๐Ÿ™‚ ) although the cast of characters in the film are exactly the stereotypes satirised in Cabin in the Wood twice in the same film with the first crop of college age students killed at the start of the film then the second group.

          I have to disagree with the reviewer of Jason X. I thought it was a fun, mindless, entertaining movie.

          I guess if you are a diehard fan of the Friday the 13th franchise I see why people don’t like Jason X but for a satirical sci-fi horror/black comedy that doesnโ€™t involve a comedic villain like The Leprechaun that makes it better I thought it was great.
          When I see critical reviews and remarks against it they points about how stupid the scenes are but that is the point of why it is entertaining like Street Fighter it is self-conscious that it is silly and plays it up in the film.

          • Cecil:

            In general, some folks forget that movies are supposed to be entertaining. I think they get too critical when they start nitpicking a movie like Leprechaun. Right off the bat you know its not meant to be taken seriously and yet you always get the people who review it seriously!

  • Cristiona:

    Pretty good episode, and nice cameo. I like videos like this which are more analysis than criticism.

    And frankly Halloween 3 is a freaking gem that doesn’t get nearly enough respect.

    • Cecil:

      Thank you! I have another serious video coming in the near future. It probably won’t be as good as the Silent Hill video but we’ll see. (I’m really proud of that one)

      If Halloween 3 was simply an unfortunate turn from the fanbase. If they just called it Season of the Witch it would be heralded as a horror classic. Instead people are just pissy it doesn’t include. Myers. I’ve argued with people about how good 3 is and they claimed 8 was better because it was about Myers. Good grief, 8 better than 3?

  • The first Friday The 13th holds a special place in my heart. Because the little Boy who popped out of the water is a dear friend of mine.

    • Cecil:

      Really? That’s awesome! Ari Lehman may have only been in the film for a few minutes but he is a horror legend.

      • Yeah even Ari was taken back by that. A friend of his called him up and said did you sign this photo? Ari said I never signed an autograph in my life. Well someone just sold this to me for $50 and Ari said WHAT!!!! So he started appearing in the Horror Convention Circuit and discovered that there is indeed a demand for him and his autograph. And while most guests at Cons will sell 8×10 photos with their sig. His background is in music so he started a band called “First Jason”

        • Cecil:

          Thats great. Always glad to see when an actor embraces something they did early in their career.

          I knew about First Jason but hadn’t actually heard them. I’ll have to give them a listen now!

          • It’s worth checking out. It’s Jason Voorhese tribute band. Ari has done a little bit of acting but it’s surprising to know that that’s all it takes to be part of cinema history.

  • Ryan:

    Re Halloween 3 I agree that it is a good movie and would have suffered less grief w/ a simple title change. The most unfortunate thing to me about the backlash towards Halloween 3 is that it killed the idea to do the Halloween movies as an anthology which would have featured a different story for each film (starting w/ 3). I would have preferred the departure from Myers after 2 in favor of the anthology idea……

    • Cristiona:

      Complete agree. I think making it an anthology series would have been awesome. But no, the fanboys needed their mute-in-a-mask, which led to things just getting ridiculous and silly.

      I would love an anthology series that had a new movie every year.

      • Cecil:

        Well, IV was good and H20 was a very solid end to the series. 8 never happened in my book, the series ended with H20. 8 might as well be fanfiction for all I care.

        V/H/S might be shaping up to be just that. Part 2 is doing the film circuits right now. The first one is experimental and rather good.

        • Ryan:

          Excited for VHS 2, loved the first one. Particularly Succubus

        • Cristiona:

          Well, sort of. V/H/S was an anthology movie in and of itself. While those are neat, I think it would be neat to have a series of anthology movies, like Carpenter wanted to do with Halloween. Each movie is a full movie in its own right, but each movie is unconnected to the others. Or they could take place in the same “world” but not be sequels per se.

    • Cecil:

      The smart thing to do would have been to have the anthology spin off series and the main series with Myers. That way both camps would have been happy.

  • john:

    There are fan films on YouTube of Jason movies Friday the 13th Retribution and No man’s Land.

    I haven’t watched them yet but I will assume they are pretty awful.

    Never really been into Jason but I am going to try and check out Friday the 13th part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan after getting in the mood after watching Jason X again and the remake.

  • James:

    Thanks for uploading this. It’s always nice to find another good, fun movie reviewer. I just subscribed to his YouTube channel and his videos are great.

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