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Cyclone – Episode 147

14 Responses to “Cyclone – Episode 147”

  • Cristiona:

    Hot blonde with a rocket-shooting motorcycle? AND Jeffrey Combs? Yeah, I’m sold.

    You know, that transformer looks a lot like the battery pack to an RC car.

    Honestly, I really, really miss the Super Vehicle Genre.

  • Mike Castaldo:

    Is it me or does the female fed look kind of like a low rent Lady Jaye from GI Joe (80s cartoon version)

  • Mike M:

    Sweet….glad to see you included my favorite scene where she zapped the dude with the laser helmet

  • Big Ninja Jim:

    I swear I’ve seen this movie on one of those UHF channels back in the day. Or at the very least saw commercials for. Either way great stuff as always.

  • Mike:

    This is off point but thanks for the “Sharky’s Machine” reference. I’m really digging late 70’s/early 80’s R rated movies so I had to check it out. I dug it, good flick, anyways thanks man.

  • mogens:

    if wii had a conquest of hoo could sid fru tom and jerry the movie i would win cecil

  • Marco:

    WordPress ate my comment…..

    Short version: WHY THE FUCK They Live…. it’s not a bad movie or a failure in any way (in retrospect). If you choose John Carpenter why not “In the Mouth of Madness”? It’s Lovecraft meets John Carpenter and somehow it’s all but forgotten by the public.

    Too late for your free for all month….but god damn….. if any movie deserves a resurection it’s that one.

  • Jr.:

    Aw, I thought there was gonna be a Warrior of the Lost World joke in here. Oh well, still lots of blondes, boobs and Jeffery Combs. Great review as always, Cecil.

  • Russell:

    I thought this was about a plane crashing in the ocean and killer sharks eat people movie, this one , but still an interesting film

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