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Dante’s Peak – Episode 66

Yeah, just like Pompeii.

6 Responses to “Dante’s Peak – Episode 66”

  • Will:

    Excellent job!

    I had a roommate in college who was a geology major. One week they had a project: they had to review a mass media item depicting geology and then see how accurate it was. My roommate picked this. I watched it with him, enjoyed myself, but he was STRESSING OUT!

    He looked at me at one point and said, “I can’t do this movie for the project! I’ll be writing for six days! There is too much wrong with it”.

    Lesson: for a popcorn flick, this is fun. For a course on geology, this is HELL!!!!!!


    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I know they wanted to get things close to correct but in the end they also wanted it to be “blockbustery”.

      From what I gather, they did a better job of keeping closer to reality than Volcano did.

  • MH:

    For my magazine class, we were assigned to do a movie review, and I watched this in the cinema. You mentioned “Jaws”, but in my review, I kept referencing “Jaws 2”. I think it is step by step closer to the sequel than the original.
    This was also one of the first films where I thought special effects had advanced and other companies were doing it, not just ILM (I had thought like ILM was the best and only).
    Am wondering, with the different videos I have seen, why you allow language and violence, but nudity has to be censored. I notice that with many sites do that. Like tv in the past, I would think it would be consistent across the board (such as, if the one was not allowed, the others wouldn’t or only a certain level would be permitted).
    Is there a monitoring board that allows only allows certain content on certain sites?

    • Cecil:

      For me there is a reason. Blip, the company who hosts my videos, will allow violence and swearing but no nudity. So, I censor the nude stuff for comedic effect because if I didn’t, they wouldn’t host my videos anymore.

      Essentially, there is a weird anti-naked thing in the US. Horrific violence is ok just don’t show boobs or you might traumatize some kids.

  • Brendan:

    What movies are the clips in the “angry orange cat productions” credits from?

    • Cecil:

      Here they are in order: (you should watch them all!) I Come in Peace, The Stuff, Class of 1999, My Boyfriend’s Back, Riki-Oh, Roller Boogie, Defcon-4, Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Class of 1999, Motel Hell, The Crazies, Society, Cool as Ice.

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