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Dead Heat – Episode 164

10 Responses to “Dead Heat – Episode 164”

  • Brig:

    I’ve never heard of this movie, but it sounds fantastic! Joe Piscopo rules!

  • Jr.:

    Great video as always! That building in the movie will always be known as “The building from Bio Dome” to me. I think you need to make a Treat Williams-athon, that man is all serious kinds of awesome.

  • Steve:

    Thanks for doing this review. I haven’t seen or even thought about this movie in years. Now I want to see it again. I really wish Treat Williams had done more movies in the action/horror/comedy genre. He’s awesome in them.

  • ThoughtCriminal:

    Y’know, I was thinking this while watching your summary section but the make up effects look really, really good. Ignoring that there was no CGI and working on a limited budget, they still look phenomenal.

    I dated a make-up girl briefly and there really is an art form to getting the exact look and feel to the effects while still allowing the actors freedom of facial expressions.

    Another great one Cecil

  • Iren:

    I remember this movie! And I now finally know how it is called! Thank you very much for this review!

  • Andy:

    Oh the 80’s. When it was perfectly expectable for crooks to wear trench coats and S&M gear on a heist. I love your reviews, I’m a first time poster, long time lurker.

    Ever thought about reviewing The Wizard?

    • Cecil:

      Hey, thanks for posting! Glad you are enjoying the videos.

      Yeah, The Wizard has been on the list for a long time. I should get on it, along with a bazillion other movies!

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