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Deathstalker 2 – Episode 156

19 Responses to “Deathstalker 2 – Episode 156”

  • Mikki:


    Also everyone should own the soundtrack (which you get Chopping Mall on also) by Chuck Cirino.

  • Rocco:

    Thanks for another great episode.
    I loved the G.L.O.W. reference.
    If you have not seen it already, the documentary about G.L.O.W. is highly recommended, and Queeen Kong/Matilda the Hun featured in Deathstalker 2 features prominently.

  • demonknight:

    Hope you do another comedic Wynorski sequel to a straight original soon. I refer of course to Return of Swamp Thing, which was great aside from the goddamn intolerable kids.

  • demonknight:

    By the way, you’re falling behind on Radiodrome again. Now up to 165 on Geek Juice and 1201Beyond.

  • Jr.:

    Ahhh you gotta love the bloopers at the end of this flick, reflects the tongue in cheek nature of the film. We need more silly endings to these videos!

  • Cristiona:


    Man, Jenrek looks really familiar…

    And what a way for them to end the credits. Shades of The Howling 2.

    • Roy:

      I hate Howling 2. No wonder Chris Lee apologized to Joe Dante, the director of the fun and original film (do a serious review on that, Cecil. It’s the “Kill Bill” of horror films).

  • Viewer:

    This movie is one of the best examples of how simple things like balanced tongue in cheek tone, director who understands the strengths and the weaknesses of his movie and good casting can turn a cheap crappy knock off production into a B movie cult classic. This flick is totally Beastmaster 2’s little cousin and John Terlesky can easily pass as Bruce Campbell’s talented younger brother. He should have had more work.

    If only the villains weren’t so dull and the script had more ambition to try to be a parody of Conan, we could’ve gotten a classic fantasy version of Naked Gun. But this will do, I guess.

    And I’m with you on the beard thing. Evil Gabriel totally should’ve wore one. 🙂 And the end credits feature one of the best goof montages ever. Reminded me of end credit goof montages from classic Jackie Chan movies.

    This may sound totally random, but have you ever considered doing Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) with Shannon Tweed and Bill Maher? These two movies always reminded me of each other. The setting was somewhat different, but the tone, casting and character relationship were very similar.

  • jack:

    I don’t know how you can like DeathStalker 2 and not like BloodRayne that I thought was good with great over the top gory action and characters.

    • Cecil:

      It’s the problem I have with all of the Boll movies I’ve seen. He doesn’t seem to understand pacing. He either frontloads the film with tons of action and then nothing happens for an hour or he does weird things like the 20 minute zombie fight in House of the Dead. It’s feast or famine.

      Bloodrayne was ok at best. I was hoping for at least silly entertainment (in a bad movie way) but there are too many moments where they obviously only did 1-2 takes and moved on. Beyond that, there are so many dull moments where they were reiterating things we already knew, or bizarre out of place action sequences that started and stopped with no clear purpose.

      The Loken love scene was nice but it was shot in such a disjointed way we not got a good look at anything for longer than a split second.
      There is a weird formula to making a “bad but enjoyable” feature such as Birdemic. On paper it sounds like his movies would fit that bill. However, in execution they always end up veering more in the direction of mind numbingly boring, which is the worst atrocity a film can commit. Once it gets boring, rarely can you pull the audience back.

      Deathstalker 2 never outstayed its welcome. It moved from place to place, with a great sense of humor to boot. Plus the action scenes had some technical merit. It wasn’t just a bunch of quick cuts and goofy camera angles.

      I will say though I don’t hate Bloodrayne like I hate The House of the Dead. I just think it is average and mostly boring.

      • Steve:

        I’ve heard the statement “Ed Wood with a budget” when people refer to Uwe Boll. That’s insulting to Ed Wood. Wood’s films were awful but at least they were sincere (with hilarious results) in their awfulness. Boll’s films just reek of being made by someone who just doesn’t care.

        Take House of the Dead as an example. Look at the ingredients. Existing IP with potential, decent budget, isolated spooky island, hot girls, zombies, Clint Howard as the Gortons Fisherman!!! How do you mess that up?!?! Pretend you’re making the Matrix instead of a zombie movie and insert random shots from the video game the movie was based on for starters. It’s bad enough that Boll doesn’t have enough talent to make an actual good movie. He also doesn’t seem to have the conviction to at least make it interesting, or funny, or anything worth remembering.

        Imagine House of the Dead with the same ingredients directed by someone like Jim Wynorski. It would still be bad, but it would be gloriously, awesomely, hilariously bad. If it were given to someone like Zack Snyder, it might have been a truly great movie. Either one beats the nothing the Boll cranked out.

      • jack:

        I thought the pacing was OK that went from one setting and set piece to another tied in with an interesting story and laughed out loud at the scenes in the castle where the Monks and Kagan’s men were fighting each other and the blood montage scene at the end.

        The acting with funny as well the was either really underperformed like Madsen and Kingsley or over the top like Meatloaf.

        His late/recent films with the exception of Rampage and Assault on Wall Street are just bad and boring like In the Name of the King 3 that was just terrible

  • MH:

    This was a struggle since the movie covered was horrible (if I had been watching the movie, the acting would probably had me stop… but then the stabbing scene, that probably would have been it for me), but that MC Hammer joke.. got me laughing and laughing, and I replayed it and started laughing again.

  • bastardjackyll:

    “Good grief, this went from zero to RAPE in two seconds!”


    *spit take*

  • Barbara:

    Thank you for introducing me to this cheesefest. I’ve watched it twice so far. Love John Terlesky’s goofiness. Love the scene where the actors crack up after Evie delivers her bad dialogue. Love the swordfight at the end. I wish MST3K would’ve done this instead of the third Deathstalker film, but they’d have to cut so much out (nudity).

    • Cecil:

      Thanks for watching! I love this movies. Yeah, MST would have had a time with this one. The third is nowhere near as good.

  • ThoughtCriminal:

    I don’t know who Handsome Eric is, but he does a top notch job on your intros.

    • Cecil:

      Thank you! I’ll pass it along. Eric is a professional animator that does these in his spare time to flex his artistic muscles.

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