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DOA: Dead or Alive – Episode 93

Helena wins!

31 Responses to “DOA: Dead or Alive – Episode 93”

  • Big Ninja Jim:

    Have I mentioned that you’re my new favorite internet reviewer?

  • Mike M:

    Awesome montage at the end

    • Cecil:

      I had either enough time for more movie trivia or to do the montage…I think I made the right decision. ^^

  • Chris:

    Have you reviewed “Mortal Kombat”? I do not remember. I am probably thinking of Phelous. Speaking of him, I find it funny that your reviews are the complete opposite, especially when both of you reviewed “Shredder”, “Jack Frost”, and “Black Christmas” last Winter. I have honestly grown to enjoy your reviews a lot more than his, along with the Nostalgia Critic’s. Also, are you going to do “Constantine”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie”, or one of Joel’s “Batman” movies anytime soon?

    • Cecil:

      Why thank you! I appreciate being mentioned with the “big boys”.

      Haven’t done Mortal Kombat yet but it will happen. I’m thinking of doing that right around the release of the new one.

      Constantine is great, I’ll keep that in mind. I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so much I don’t think I could ever goof on it. TMNT2 Secret of the Ooze however, that one is good but I won’t feel as bad poking fun at it. I was planning on doing Batman Returns around the time Dark Knight Rises comes out. (in the hopes of bringing in some new viewers with the similar themes)

      • Chris:

        What about “Batman and Robin”? That is a Good Bad Flick.

        • Cecil:

          For me Batman and Robin was a bad bad flick. Its one of the few movies I actually turned off. They just ruined Batman by listening to the wrong people. They worked so hard to disasociate Batman from the old Adam West ones but then after some parents groups complained they turned Batman into something far worse than the old shows. They were more interested in selling toys and merch rights than making a good movie. So look what happened. They made a disaster of a movie that took almost a decade and a full reboot to fix.

          I love Batman Returns though. Even the SNES game.

      • Chris:

        Back during January Request Month I was hoping you would review TMNT 2: TSOTO, but when you do, I feel that you should refer back to the first film since there are major changes between them. Also, do not forget about the utrom in TGRI Labs.

        • Cecil:

          I’ve been working on TMNT2 in the background. I have some things in mind but I’m not ready to go forward with that one just yet…but soon.

  • Allison:

    Hey Cecil! I think I remember this movie, but I remember the game better from my days of working at the video store in college. I think the little boys rented this because of the girlies, just a thought. These are the the kind of movies one goes into without expectations, and they always manage to deliver. That said, this is not my kind of movie, but I can see why it is enjoyable – it sets out to be fun, and does just that.

    I actually laughed the hardest at your reference to Tales of Ribaldry at the end – I am a classic SNL fanatic, and despite my age (29 years old), I have seen many of the episodes from the 1970s and 1980s, despite not actually watching a live episode until 1993, and reruns until 1996.

    Another good review, looking forward to more or Mainstream May!

    • Cecil:

      I will admit when I first picked up DOA it was for the girls. However, after playing it for hours and hours I loved the depp combat system. They improved it more with each sequel and the series is my favorite fighting game. Yes, I did get DOAX 1&2…there is just something about them beyond the obvious T&A. They were fun in a way like a visual novel is fun. I can’t exactly explain it but I do enjoy it.

      Like you said, the movie delivered. Granted it is aimed mostly at men but no more so than how “chick flicks” are aimed at women. They took two things that men like (hot girls and kung fu fighting) and merged them like chocolate and peanut butter.

      Thanks! The Tales of Ribaldry seemed like a nice fit. The movie is very flirtatious and always skirts the line but never goes over into nudity or blatant sex. It made me think of Jon Lovitz squealing with delight and all the titillation…ewwww. 😛

      On a side note, I miss the late 80s early 90s SNLs. They were some of the best.

      • Allison:

        Oh tell me about it! Netflix has the past decades for instant streaming, and it’s nice, except some of the episodes are really edited. But they bring back nice memories. I remember a Tales of Ribaldry sketch with Tom Hanks playing a boot black who had to shine boots, and he had to handle a woman who was trying to cheat on her husband with him. I loved when Jon Lovitz peeped through a hole in the wall and said, “Oh, what you must think of me!” and how disgusted he got if the people in the story had sex…hilarious!

        • Cecil:

          Soooooo frikkin funny. I love when they finally just go “we can do this all day or just get to it” (I’m paraphrasing) and Lovitz is like “oh this won’t do at all!”. I’m smiling just thinking about it. 🙂

  • Cristiona:

    Never played the games, but this actually seems like something I’d enjoy. I rather liked the first Mortal Kombat, and I have an unhealthy love for wire-fu. I’ll have to track this one down.

    I also have an unhealthy love of women who can actually make anime-colored hair work in real life.

    • Cecil:

      They are tons of fun. The characters look amazing and the fighting is unlike any other. It is very counter heavy, which makes for some interesting matches. By far my favorite fighting game.

      I hear you about the anime hair, especially that super fake red. Glorious!

  • Mehe:

    As always, a grandtastic review.

    Also, I had to run to the IMDB to check about the casting of Bass. Man, Kevin Nash didn’t sound a thing like himself there.

    • Cecil:


      I had a friend who was on me for not talking about Kevin Nash. I really didn’t know much about him (I was out of watching wrestling by this point) so I decided to focus on other stuff instead.

  • Chris:

    Oh by the way, I liked the little Rifftrax mention.

  • bastardjackyll:


    This was another one that I caught on cable late night, and I didnt even know it existed. I was never really into the games (Tekken FTW!), but I knew that it was a respected fighter franchise at the time, kind of surprised that the movie came out to such little fanfare, especially since it was so well made.

    I loved it; kind of a bummer that it didnt make a ton of dough, it really deserved to. Hell, after watching your review I’m tempted to pick up a copy just to see the *ahem* behind the scenes “extras”…

    • Cecil:

      If you can look for the German DVD. It has a ton of stuff that wasn’t included on the US release. (typical)

      I’m also stunned that this wasn’t liked. I mean, I can understand the critics not liking it but the fans not liking it? Makes no sense.

  • Don Chubo:

    No – when Sarah Carter is on-screen, WE ALL WIN.

  • Eric S:

    Nice as always dude. I had an idea for an addition to some of your reviews I will call you about. Wizard’s is coming up in June at Philly and the talent and speakers look great this year. Def some opportunities to get some feedback from some of the people attending there and promote your site and reviews a bit there.
    I bought this flick in Italy, on PAL in ’07 when I was on my honeymoon, not knowing when it was gonna get released here and painstakingly converted it to NTSC. There are some unique differences of extras on the European DVD release than the US. Not great just different. If you want a copy I will try to remember to make you one. I made my wife watch it with me when we were in Italy on our honeymoon and she hasn’t been able to watch or take anything Eric Roberts has been in seriously since (although he has been in 245 films/TV shows says IMDB)

    BTW wasn’t this the 100th episode!!!! Yay congrats on that!

  • Michael:

    When is the King of Fighter movie coming out 😉 and I would love to see an indie game developer put some of the Twilight cast into a fighting game so I can kick the crap out of that fucktard Edward as TheMustache Dad.

    Speaking of Rifftax, Have you seen the file Maniac? The Rifftrax team has it up on their Hulu page and it has to be one of the funniest bad movies I’ve seen in quite a while.

    • Cecil:

      King of the Fighters came out a while ago…it was…ok. I want to give it another shot but it felt disjointed.

      I would pay good money to play as Mustache Dad beating up Edward. Oh what a glorious fighting game that would be.

      Haven’t watched Maniac yet but I will. I love all their stuff. Speaking of which I just watched their riff on Clash of the Titans tonight and it was hilarious as usual. I watched Abraxas a while back and lol’d as well. I can’t wait for the last Twilight movie to come out so they can destroy it!

  • Steve:

    Now I know you’re flying to Dallas and sneaking into my film room. This movie is more gratuitous than most women in prison films, and yet completely accessible (I’ve only met a couple of women who can watch women in prison films) to both sexes. Yes, it’s essentially a female heavy Enter the Dragon, but…Gymkata is basically Enter the Dragon as well. It’s also nowhere near as enjoyable. This is…just good clean tease.

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    Sometimes an actor or model has to hold their face just so to maximize their appeal. 90s supermodel Linda Evangelista told the story of how her career took off once she started posing with her mouth slightly open- it helped to elongate her face. Some people have a ‘better side’ they try to face toward the viewer. Anyways…

    I think this is why DEVON AOKI ALWAYS LOOKS SULLEN.

    Seriously, if you don’t want to be here, just go home Devon. I can’t imagine why else she would go around with that expression on all her characters- here in DOA, Sin City, and in War.

    Give me Sarah Carter any day!
    (No really, give her to me. )

  • MGNoxa:

    Tits and Ass Kicking!

    I’ve had this movie recorded for nearly a year and never watched it, just decided to watch it and it didn’t disappoint.

    Awesome Fight Scenes, Hot Chicks and Hot Chicks.

    The final fight with Donovan, I don’t know it if it was intentional or a coincidence (or just replacing alpha 152(?) with sunglasses) but it’s exactly the same as trying to play against the AI lol, knowing every move your going to make and perfectly countering them.

    I have two questions for you 1) What’s your favourite fight scene? and 2) The contestants who lost like Bass and Zack what happened to them did they die in the self destruct or are they booted off the island when they lose? (that’s really the only thing about the movie that annoys me)

    Oh I guess I also have a third one which one do you prefer Mortal Kombat or Dead or Alive? I haven’t seen Mortal Kombat but I’ve been eying it on Amazon for a few days now.

  • Timo:

    Hayabusa? Is that messenger in the beginning supposed to be Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden?

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