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Doctor Mordrid – Episode 169

29 Responses to “Doctor Mordrid – Episode 169”

  • demonknight:

    Great ep. Making your way through the Charles Band box set? I imagine Head of the Family will come sooner rather than later. Either that or Meridian.

    • Cecil:

      Eventually I’ll do pretty much all the classic Full Moon stuff. This one was mostly because I was really busy and needed a movie that was good and short.

      • demonknight:

        Just didn’t work in your favor, as the day before the video was released, the bluray was announced.

        If you’re going with short movies now, Full Moon and Charles Band won’t disappoint there. Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys is only 64 mins., as you know. Dolls is only 76 mins. Head of the Family is 80 mins. with credits.

  • Gary O'B:

    Sheesh! I don’t know what that driver said to upset his mate but a simple slap on the back of the head would have been enough!
    Great episode, you sure do a lot of homework.
    Jeffrey Combs looks younger than he did in Re-Animator, while Brian Thompson has always looked the same!
    Err, Gunner seems to be carrying a M79 grenade launcher.
    Can I recommend Peacemaker (1990,) directed by Kevin Tenny and starring Robert Forster and Hilary Shepard. Aliens, action, gore, bullets and booms.

    • Cecil:


      It is weird how much younger he looked indeed. I think a lot of it was the lighting. Re-Animator being such a “dark” film, Gordon spoke on how he kept the set much darker to add to the atmosphere. (also, he had a new light guy early on who he replaced who was making things too dark)

      Thompson really is one of those ageless guys. You’d think with a 2 million budget they would have had some sort of space weapon made up for Gunner instead of giving him a prop grenade launcher most likely from another set.

      Peacemaker? Now this is one I’m not aware of. I’ll give it a look!

  • Cristiona:

    I was gonna say, this was just screaming Dr. Strange.

  • Nice episode and yeah, quite a bit Doctor Strange, yet The Monitor here sounds a little like the one from DC comics(who played a huge part in Crisis on Infinite Earths, with an Anti-Monitor as his enemy). Ah, Charles Band, those Full Moon movies are truly a welcome blast from the past!

    • Cecil:

      I am a comic book geek but never did get into Dr Strange. Most of the books I read were either from DC or other smaller publishers.

  • Sigi:

    Puts on his robe and wizard hat 🙂 Almost missed that one.

  • mogens:

    Will You review Herkules in New york?

  • Viewer:

    Good quick review. I never knew about this movie. Truly awesome B (or is it C?) cast. It’s too bad that neither this nor the other Jeffrey Combs’ superhero movie Faust: Love of the Damned (2000) did any business. I’m not the biggest comic book fan, so I thought that Doctor Mordrid WAS a Marvel comic. 🙂 Of course, I confused it with Dr. Strange. I wonder what would have happened if this was a Dr. Strange movie. Maybe it would have had cult status like Captain America, Spiderman and Hulk TV films. I saw Brian in The Terminator first and although he was in one scene for 15 seconds, I still remember him from that movie. Great 80s/early 90s villain face. 🙂 And the fact that he has blond long hair in this is fantastic. 🙂 I wonder who advised him on that. 🙂

    The theme reminds of a mix between the theme from Sheep’s Flash and Baldwin’s Shadow.

    Band always had one major problem. Great set up, decent cast and effects (for a low budget movie), but usually not enough plot even for an hour and 15 minutes movie. Is that the case here? His movies seriously drag during the middle.

    However, love that 90s rich “warm” colorful cinematography. I miss the era when low budget movies still looked like that.

    • Roy:

      Actually, there’s a Dr. Strange TV movie that came out around 1978. A pre-Arrested Development Jessica Walter is the villain. I only have seen clips, and it’s pure cheese. There are probably bootlegs DVDs of it.

    • Cecil:

      I’d say B cast, although really Combs is A list in my book. He is always top shelf while other A list actors get the paydays but they just have better agents, not better talents.

      Yeah, some of the Full Moon stuff does lag in the middle and others just don’t have nearly enough story to fill in 90 minutes. However, they all (the classics) have a charm and a feel that you just don’t get with a lot of shlocky low budget stuff. They were crafted by people who really cared and it didn’t matter that it was a lower budget DTV movie, they were trying to make it as good as they could. Something like the Asylum (which I do enjoy some of their features) they just want to slap it together and get them out the door.

      Exactly. They have a distinct look and “warmth” to them. Great use of color and not color corrected to death. I am so tired of everything going either grey or teal/orange. Its making everything look the same.

  • Viewer:

    For example, Band’s (and Combs’) Lurking Fear (1994) by Lovcraft should have been best movie ever… Well, it wasn’t. Too little plot to carry a whole film, so Band did what everyone does in that case – make a slasher and try to give it a not-slasher look..

  • mogens:

    Well Will you cecil?

    • Cecil:

      I answered you a week ago when you asked the first time in the Uninvited thread.

      You know what, now I’m not going to do the movie.

  • mogens:

    Gesh sorry for asking p.s what Are you opinien on pick of destiny?

    • Cecil:

      It’s not that you asked, its that you repeatedly asked and were very rude about it even though I already answered you.

      No, I hate Jack Black and Tenecious D.

  • sinsys:

    Oh my god… I got halfway through and my mind was blown. I need to see this movie, I was sold even before Jeffrey Combs showed up. I’ve watched all your vids, this is the first I had to shut off, I need to watch this first hand with a good friend first. I’ll be back to watch your take later!

  • mogens:

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