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Double Team – Episode 245

2 Responses to “Double Team – Episode 245”

  • mogens:

    1.this was way better than the nostalgia critic review
    2.the nostalgia critic coulden handle all the basket ball jokes
    3.does this mean you will do simon sez? one can do the split like van dame

  • The Viewer:

    Really Cecil? No Belloq jokes? Not one? You did catch that Paul Freeman who plays Van Damme’s handler Goldsmythe here played Indy’s rival archeologist Belloq in the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

    Other than that, great review. This movie is a must see for action fans. It’s literally what Bond would’ve looked like if written and directed by the Hong Kong school of action and starring Van Damme. The buddy aspect is excellent and the villain works great for the tone of the movie. In fact, this just might be the best comic book movie not based on an actual comic book. I own the VHS of this flick (yeah, I’m that old) and I’m proud of it. 😀 Great, great tongue in cheek action from the era when Van Damme was at the top of his game. Why this flopped, I’ll never understand.
    The worst thing about this movie is that helped create that p.o.s. galore Simon Sez. Awful script and direction. Nothing like this movie. It was so bad I fell a sleep while watching it. Maybe it could’ve worked as a pilot for some late 90s mediteranian action show.

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