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Dr Giggles – Episode 88

I hope you have protection.

18 Responses to “Dr Giggles – Episode 88”

  • Matthew:

    this episode reminds me is half baked on your list?

    • Cecil:

      Half Baked isn’t on the list because comedies, like anthologies, are hard to do.

      I don’t know, maybe I’ll take a crack at it. It’s a funny ass movie.

  • Cristiona:

    Ah, good old, Larry “Don’t Type-Cast Me As My Character From LA Law” Drake. He was also fantastic in Dark Man.

    • Cecil:

      During the LA Law years and shortly thereafter, people used to think he was really retarded. I guess since Corky was on Life goes on around the same time, they just assumed he was as well. He laughs it off because his performance must have been convincing if people really believed it.

      He plays an excellent villain. I know they are toying with a Darkman reboot but they will never top Neeson and Drake.

  • Allison:

    I saw this movie sometime in the mid-late 1990s or early 2000s, sometime between 1997 and 2000 (between the ages of 14 and 17). It was soooo creepy. I hada hard time stomaching Dr. Giggles, and some of the scenes here made me cringe like they did when I was a teenager. The kid getting stabbed in his, ahem, made me turn away from my iPad screen, much like it made me turn away from my TV when I saw it the first time. When I was 10 years old, I remember seeing the preview for this movie on Prevue Channel, and really feeling uneasy about it. 20 years later, I’m still uneasy about it.

    You drove my fear of this psycho doctor home…again. You are awesome Cecil!

    • Cecil:

      I remember the commercials for this and how much they focused on Drake being on LA Law. Ah, marketing. When they have no idea who to market to, they just promote any awards or famous actors in the movie.

      I was glad he didn’t do any eye stuff in this, that is the one thing that really gets me. Well, that and bugs. It’s funny to see how many people really are freaked out by Doctors. I’ve received a few emails saying that even though this movie is funny, it still gives them the creeps. Doctors don’t bother me much but I’m not a fan of hospitals.

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Allison:

        I’m ok with doctors and hospitals to a point, but bugs and reptiles of any kinds give me the willies. I particularly hate snakes, bees, and praying mantises, which remind me of alien bugs. I saw an episode of Stargate SG-1 involving an alien mosquitos that stung one of the characters, and he became an incubator for what would become thousands of bugs. It was re-writing his DNA. Sounds like a great horror film, huh? It was a good episode. Of course, lives were saved and the ending was happy.

        I actually never watched LA Law, though I do remember it, I was pretty young at the time, so I actually don’t know who Larry Drake is. I remember trailers for this making me feel as weird as Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde did a few years later, such strange films.

        You are welcome!

  • I might be wrong but I thought there was a sequel? A much more campier one with like the screwed up almost cyborg like doctor with a twist ending where one of the teens the lead girl’s boyfriend is the doctor’s son!?
    No mention of Darkman!?

    • Cecil:

      If there was a sequel, I never heard of it. However, whatever that is you described sounds like one of the greatest things ever.

      I’m doing Darkman sometime in the future and I figured I would just cover how awesome Larry Drake is again over there. 🙂

  • Brian:

    This movie rocks. I always liked this one. I just love the one liners in this film. It’s great to see someone enjoy this movie as much as I did. I tried to show this to my girlfriend once. The wasn’t a fan. I wonder if her being a nurse had something to do with. As always great job man.

    • Cecil:


      I took a date to see this back when it was in theaters. I loved it, she hated it. She hated it even more when I started slinging the one liners followed by the giggle. Needless to say, the relationship ended shortly thereafter. lol

  • Mario:

    Time to do what doctors do best. ROFL

  • QuigleyDownUnder:

    You are so right about how great of an actor Larry Drake was in this movie. It would be really nice for a great release of this title on Blu-ray because its very deserving and what they have out now is an insult.

  • Ike Carr:

    Awhile back, comic book writer and artist, Tim Seeley. The creator of the mag, HACK/SLASH. Which tells the story of Cassie Hack, a teenager whose mother turns out to serial slasher called the Lunch Lady, ends up having to kill her a second time when she comes back from the grave. Cassie goes on the road dedicating her life to hunting down serial slashers like her mother. Along the way she meets, and befriends the rather monstrous looking, yet quite friendly Vlad.They travel the road hunting down, and taking out these slashers/revenants. Cassie and Vlad even encounter such name killers such as Chucky, Victor Crowley, Herbert West, and Evil Ernie. The book came pretty darn close to be coming a movie with Todd Lincoln directing. But Rogue pictures got bought out by Universal,and the studio wanted to make it more like your favorite film series ,TWILIGHT. Rumor even had it, when the sequel to FREDDY Vs. JASON fell through, FREDDY Vs. JASON Vs. ASH. New Line Cinema was actually thinking of optioning HACK/SLASH ,and pitting Cassie and Vlad against Jason and Freddy. Back on the subject, when the project was at Rogue/Universal, enabling Tim Seeley and the book’s publisher at the time, Devil’s Due, to get access to Chucky. Seeley had mentioned in one interview or another how he wanted Vlad and Cassie to cross paths with Dr. Giggles at some point. Didn’t happen. But who knows what tomorrow could bring.

    On the subject of Shout Factory ! ,or more specifically their horror flick arm, Scream Factory ! getting their hands on the flick, and giving this flick a more thorough presentation it deserves that new fans ,and hardcore fans would appreciate. I’m sad to report it probably isn’t happening anytime soon. Supposedly, the head of Universal has made it a policy that the studio won’t be going to outside companies to handle their movies. Which leaves me extremely disappointed that we won’t be getting a special edition of Wes Craven’s SHOCKER. Another revenant I’d like see make a return in some form.

    • Cecil:

      Wow, I gotta look up Hack/Slash that sounds great!

      Unfortunately, there are a lot of studio heads that would rather sit on the various movies they own rather than pass them off to a company that would actually do something with them.

  • mogens:

    whits Larry role is best this one or his role in darkman?

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