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Endless Descent – Episode 107

5 Responses to “Endless Descent – Episode 107”

  • Cristiona:

    Taking a break from moving to watch your episode! DEDICATION!

    That’s Plisskin? I thought he’d be taller…

    Now, now Cecil. Those screen doors in the cave were obviously from the submarines. Right next to the bag of hammers.

    While I’m not the biggest gore hound, I love me some giant rubber monsters, and this looks like it has some really good practical effects. And who can say no to some good old fashioned Doom-style exploding barrels?

    • Cecil:

      Brand loyalty! Awesome!

      Ah dammit, that should have been the line. I’m slacking on my Escape from New York. I’ll have to remedy that.

      LOL wasn’t that a polish joke?

      One of the reasons the movie is still good is because it has that “creature feature” feel to it. Even though it is played serious, you can’t take it too serious when heads start exploding and little bug creatures are biting your face off.

  • Jr.:

    To me, Ray Wise will always be the President of the United States.

  • Timo:

    I’m surprised you did not make a single Yellow Submarine reference. I know you aren’t into The Beatles, but still…

    • Cecil:

      I respect the hell out of the Beatles and think they deserve all the praise they get for influencing music. I just can’t listen to them. I used to work with a lady and that is all she played and I never want to hear them again.

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