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The Story of Ricky – Episode 13

16 Responses to “The Story of Ricky – Episode 13”

  • Andre:

    Hey, I’m glad you put this one up here. After I watched this, i had to order a copy of it, I, and my family LOVE this movie, and the horrible English dubbing. That, and the over the top violence just makes the movie hilarious. Thanks man.

    • Cecil:

      Awesome! Such a great movie. One of the most over the top cartoonishly violent movies I’ve seen. That reminds me I really need to do some more foreign stuff. One of these days I’m going to do Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl.

  • Cesar Gonzalez:

    Now I wish they would have made max payne. thank you for the review.

  • Shaun:

    While normally I’d agree with the suggestion to watch subs, the dubbing team definitely had fun with this movie. The most iconic scene of Riki and “Oscar” fighting, where Oscar tries to choke Riki with his own intestines, the Vice-Warden says “All right! You got a lot of GUTS Oscar!”

    Not so in the original Cantonese.

    • Cecil:

      Well, this one is an exception. I’m talking more “quality” films like Martyrs and Infernal Affairs.

      Not saying that Riki-oh isn’t quality, its just that the story is probably the least important part of it. lol

  • mogens:

    what is goryer this or braindead?

  • Timo:

    I love this film. Fun fact: Story of Ricky is the first film rated Category III (18 and above) in Hong Kong due to just the violence, not sexual content.

  • Egil:

    The video does not work anymore can you tell me why and if it it’s possible to watch the review somewhere else ?

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