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Class of 1999 – Episode 19

13 Responses to “Class of 1999 – Episode 19”

  • Dar:

    “Cody” was 24 at the time and already married.

  • Sychodemus:

    I still love this movie.

    And yes, Traci Lind was unbelievably gorgeous.

    • Cecil:

      My goodness she is wonderful. I tried to contact her for an interview but it seems she has all but fallen off the face of the earth.

  • Alex:

    umm, cecil, do you choose the intro music? if so, why did you choose hot for teacher by van halen, just wondering…

  • Did you know that this movie is the first time we ever hear NIN? Head like a hole is in one of the scenes. Also, you forgot to point out that the cyborgs are the same cyborg designs from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

  • Ike Carr:

    Never seen this flick, but I always remember passing it by when at my local video rental place. Might have to check it out. But do you find it weird to watch a film set in the same year as the Columbine School Massacre where several teachers where killed. Totally not connected, but it’s one of those weird coincidences that I can’t help but think of when watching this review.
    And not to risk you getting paddled again, on the subject of the very captivating Traci Lind, ever thought of doing a review for FRIGHT NIGHT II where she played Charlie’s college gal pal ? Thought she was a major step up from Amanda Bearse’s Amy in the first FRIGHT NIGHT.

    • Cecil:

      Well, it did go a lot more overboard to the point of where you could enjoy it but nowhere near taking it seriously. Its not like it’s Elephant.

      MAJOR step up from Marcy Darcy to Traci Lind. Both Fright Nights coming eventually.

  • Rafael:

    Class of 84 was a crazy movie and man I was rooting for that teacher to
    fuck those kids up so bad. Now in class of 1999 I rooted for the teachers
    for a little while but they just went too far man.

    • Cecil:

      Ever see Class of 1999 2? Similar vibe, less robots.

      In part 1, I was with the robots until the went after Tracy Lind.

  • GlacierZombie:

    I just watched this on El Rey Network & wanted to suggested it to you, I should have known you would have reviewed it already. At first I expected cap but was shocked how much I enjoyed it. The title does it no justice and sounds boring. El Rey plays lots of these movies.

    I really enjoy your reviews.


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