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Chopping Mall – Episode 2

16 Responses to “Chopping Mall – Episode 2”

  • Sean:

    Hello there! I have been really enjoying all of these reviews/synopses. Have you ever seen the movie Evolver? It was an awesome 90s film that also starred a killer robot.

    • Cecil:


      Yep, well aware of Evolver. Great flick that starts off like a kids film and gets really dark towards the end. Great cast too with Ethan Embry, a pre-Models Inc Cassidy Rae, and the glorious John De Lancie.

  • MGNoxa:

    In the UK sweetcorn is a popular pizza topping and one of my favourite toppings

    • Cecil:

      Hey you found my old episodes! These ones I can’t put on youtube because of the intro music. Thanks for making your way over here.

      • MGNoxa:

        It’s crazy to see how much you’ve improved. Been having fun watching your old stuff.

        When I was younger my Dad would watch loads of horror movies with me, I think I first saw From Dusk Till Dawn when I was 6 or 7, also watched loads of violent action films and martial arts films. But for some reason I got bored of watching movies and didn’t really get into watching older films until I saw Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 in 2012, so it’s great that you have all these videos it’s almost like a shopping list although quite a few are almost impossible to find.

        • Cecil:

          Yeah my old episodes 1-36, I was just doing for my friends. It wasn’t until I started getting comments from people I didn’t know that I thought the show could go on to something more. So I started the website, created a more standard intro, and took the episodes more seriously. (started upgrading my gear, started working on improving the structure, etc)

          As more people started to watch it I was getting more feedback and was able to tweak the show into what it is today. I personally can’t go back and listen to my old episodes, they make me cringe. I realize I was still learning but wow, what a difference time and experience makes.

          Anyway, a bonus for you seeing the old stuff now means a bunch have since been released on DVD/Blu. (many of them were only available on VHS when I first did them) Off the top of my head:

          Don’t Open til Christmas got a deluxe DVD release, complete with the documentary I mention in the review.
          Chopping Mall is getting a deluxe DVD/Blu release later in the year.
          Dollman was released on DVD/Blu in widescreen for the first time.
          The Boogens was released on Blu with a director’s commentary.
          Arena was released on DVD.
          I Come in Peace was released on DVD/Blu.
          The Last Chase got a deluxe DVD release.
          Timerider was released on DVD/Blu.
          Damnation Alley got a deluxe DVD/Blu release.
          Night of the Comet got a deluxe DVD/Blu release.

          • MGNoxa:

            I can’t find “I come in Peace” on Blu Ray but I can find it on DVD pretty easily, Dollman that seems to be pretty easy to get on Blu Ray (as of right now) so is Arena on DVD. It’s a shame some are over £10 but they do look fun.

          • Cecil:

            I come in peace was released under the alternate title of “Dark Angel”. I just checked Amazon UK and they have it. Just look for Dark Angel Dolph Lundgren.

  • Tim:

    I’m not getting the video… Is that just me or is something wrong
    Love ur videos btw

    • Cecil:

      Sorry, Blip (where this and some of the other early videos are posted) is shutting down. Those older videos may be lost.

      Thanks! Glad you are enjoying them. 🙂

  • Rafael:

    Love your humor man.
    Dont think I’ll be trying that pickup line anytime soon.

  • Matt:

    Was curious to check out some of these older videos (since on youtube, I only see the start of your channel is at Episode 37: Timerider), but I tried this one and the first one (Don’t Open Till Christmas) and all I see is a white screen. Anything I can do to be able to watch these?

    • Matt:

      Ah, I am guessing these were on Blip.TV? Damn. I know that screwed over a lot of folks when they got shut down. Are these episodes gone for good?

      • Cecil:

        You guessed it. 1-36 were on Blip. They are gone for now but I’m going to be bringing them back over time.

        • Matt:

          Damn. I’m very sorry to hear about that. Extremely sorry. I know how that goes (i’m ramboraph4life on youtube and have had more than one account gone)…so I know how it goes to lose a ton of videos. Fuck them for screwing guys like you over like that. Great job on the Pandorum video and I agree, I enjoyed that one ever since I first saw it. Was curious if you had any thoughts on Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift?

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