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Critters – Episode 22

8 Responses to “Critters – Episode 22”

  • Vitus:

    this series is underrated. the critters causing havok and stuffing their faces at the salad bar is awesome. ( I think that was in the second one, though) my personal favorite scene is in the third film when the big haired critter blackie gives off an insane prolonged high pitched scream to signal for help from the other critters. the fourth movie blows though.

  • Jerry:

    NSFW review. Anyone who is planning on watching this at work or a public library or at home you should turn your volume down or wear some headphones because the Godforsaken Spice Girls starts up immediately.

  • mogens:


  • Promiscuous Ada:

    That kid actor kinda looks like a young Simon Pegg ^___^

  • Jr.:

    “Who comes up with this stuff?” -Raphael

  • Kenney Mabie:

    bill & ted > dr who
    stoner metal heads and rufus in a time traveling phone booth vs stuff pompous limey time lord in a contradiction police box …

    yep it might be crowded in bill and teds booth but at least they got weed and kick ass metal tunes
    i’ll take that any day over a pompous moron

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