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My Boyfriend’s Back – Episode 23

13 Responses to “My Boyfriend’s Back – Episode 23”

  • jack:

    you should give doghouse a try its a hilarious lads zombie flick! full movie on youtube!

  • Matt:

    One of the few movies that make me tear up at the end.

  • Robert Swords:

    I enjoy your show. You’re often funnier than the Nostalgia Critic. It’s because of you that I got Thriller:A Cruel Picture, Howard the Duck, Shredder, America 3000, X Men First Class, etc. I disagree with you on Red Riding Hood, Amanda Seyfried can act, she should play Mary Jane Watson. I also disagreed with you on the new Nightmare On Elm Street, if they hadn’t done the classic stuff then fans would’ve complained. I’ve got suggestions for future episodes and here they are.

    1. A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge 6. Robocop 2

    2. Friday the 13th part V: A New Beginning 7. All The Marbles

    3. Toxic Avenger 8. Creepshow

    4. SuperGirl 9. Twins

    5. Date With An Angel 10. Beverly Hills Cop 3

    • Cecil:

      Thanks so much!

      That’s a great bunch. I don’t think I said Amanda Seyfried was bad, just that the movie was bad. I think she is great and I really do like her, I just thought the movie was dull. The new NoES just didn’t work for me but I know some folks liked it. Oh well, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me all the time!

      1 – NoES 2 – I may do a NoES restrospective at some point but I’m not sure. 2 is also well tread ground.
      2 – Same for F13, I’ll probably do a retro on the series or something like that
      3 – Toxic Avenger – I get a lot of requests for this one. I may tackle it after the bluray comes out
      4 – Supergirl – its on the list
      5 – Date with an Angel – on the list
      6 – Robocop 2 – I love 2 (even have some props from it) but I’m currently in the works for 3
      7 – All the marbles – don’t think I’ve seen it
      8 – Creepshow – Anthologies are hard to cover, I’ve tried but the writing just doesn’t flow
      9 – Twins – great movie but it is hard to do comedy on top of comedy
      10 – Beverly Hills Cop 3 – Not really a fan of this one. Too watered down from the first 2 and was around when Eddie Murphy forgot how to be funny.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Niels:

    You forgot to that the hitchhiker from TCSM Ed Neal was in this excelent zombie comedie flick shame on you 🙂

  • Way better movie than Warm Bodies

  • Love your site. Making my way through your archives.

    One correction here, you show Paul Dooley and call him Jay O’ Saunders.

    Keep up the awesome reviews! Great stuff!

  • Rafael:

    I knew you were going to use that clip from class of 1999.

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