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The Fantastic Four – Episode 25

10 Responses to “The Fantastic Four – Episode 25”

  • David:

    You just have to do a review of The Punisher, that movie is awesome. Also what did you of the other two punisher films.

  • Jr.:

    Wait, what the hell is wrong with Superman Returns?

    • Cecil:

      A lot, actually.

      My biggest complaint is that the plot is essentially the same as Superman 1. Lex is causing a catastrophic event for real estate. While it worked for the first, it didn’t work here. He is creating this giant land mass of essentially kryptonite. So, people are just going to move here? No government that is a tad upset about the fact that he just killed millions of people is going to just nuke the hell out of him? Lex isn’t stupid, he is a criminal mastermind. While the earthquake could be dismissed in the first one, the land mass creation here was idiotic. What were people supposed to do on this thing? Plant crops? Anything you could do with normal soil you couldn’t do here.

      The movie also had way to many cliched moments. It was slow moving (which I don’t mind if it is telling a good story) but here I was bored. I cared nothing for the characters and figured out about Superkid shortly after he was introduced. Plus, his reveal was stretched out way too long.

      Lex Luthor, brilliant mastermind, said “Bring it on”.

      Lois gets bounced around a free falling airplane and escapes without so much as a scratch.

      That’s just off the top of my head, I haven’t seen it since the theater. (well, I’ve seen parts since then but not the whole thing) The look was great but the story was bad.

      I liked Routh a lot and I’m glad his career was able to recover. He kicked ass on Chuck!

      Overall, I just disliked it very much. It was a huge amount of wasted potential.

      • Jr.:

        Valid points. I agree that a boring movie is worse than a crap movie. However, I dont think its fair to harp on that movie as much in the review. Ill admit i was let down, but the I think the movie itself was alright, nothing special. Otherwise, Cecil, great review as always.

        Hey, at least we have Man of Steel coming out right?

        • Cecil:

          Thanks! Whenever I see comments on my old episodes I always cringe because I was still getting my stuff together and now I feel the quality should be better. (but people often say that about their older material)

          Superman Returns is a sore spot for me…too much to go into. However, it did introduce the world to Brandon Routh, who is a very cool guy and solid actor. I’m glad he was able to overcome a bomb of this magnitude.

          Man of Steel looks fantastic. Much like getting Whedon for the Avengers, getting Snyder for Steel is a wonderful choice. I have high hopes.

  • Matt:

    lol…LOVED the ending. I’m a huge fan of Dolph’s The Punisher.

    Definitely a film with an interesting history behind it. Once again, solid job with the video.

    I remember watching this Fantastic Four flick for the first time with my friends, tried to do a commentary track…I remember seeing that scene which is around the 5:30 mark into your video, with Joseph Culp and thinking “he looks like a Caucasian Lou Diamond Phillips”…

    In a good way. LDP for Life (when can I say, The First Power with Lou Diamond Phillips is a favorite of mine).

    • Cecil:

      Me too. I’m hoping they finally release that special edition of The Punisher they were supposed to put out last year.


      LDP is very underrated. Check out Extreme Justice for a movie where he is pretty bad ass. I like the guy and was enjoying him in Stargate Universe until they pulled the plug…jerks.

  • mogens:

    1.hey i like superman 3.4 and blade trinity
    2.dont forget all the stan lee cameos

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