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Split Second – Episode 26

13 Responses to “Split Second – Episode 26”

  • Steve:

    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos lately (as Dtvidman) and I have to say…I love this, man. I think you may actually be climbing through my window and stealing my VHS and DVD collection, though, and you’ve reminded me of several features I own, but haven’t watched in a really long time. This was one of them. I enjoy this film, but do lament that the creature, it’s origins and motivations (not to mention the psychic connection shared with Hauer) are not given some sort of explanation. Regardless, though, this is an excellent horror/sci-fi/cop-buddy movie. Keep up the excellent work, and I am going to start seeding your links to certain films anywhere I can. You deserve a much higher viewership than you currently have.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! (also, thanks for making your way over here. I kind of use youtube to get to a bigger audience in the hopes that they will come here)

      LOL, you aren’t the first person to say that which makes me happy. It’s good to know there are still people out there that have similar tastes.

      I would have liked more backstory on the creature but I’m wondering if that would have destroyed some of it’s mystery. Sometimes things get overexplained.

      I appreciate it! I hope more folks will check this out. 🙂

  • Matt:

    I finally had time to visit your website. My name’s Matt aka ramboraph4life on youtube and I’ve been following your stuff…and thank god I did finally took time to visit the site. It was wonderful to see videos on favorite gems that I love like I Come in Peace and this one. Love Split Second ever since I saw it as a kid.

    lol you read my mind, I always thought the creature looked like Venom as well.

    Wow…never heard of that idea of the sequel/The Tunnel…with them fighting terrorists. It would have been weird/yet interesting to see a sci-fi/horror flick and then sequel sounding like a straight up action film. Loved Hauer and Duncan in this flick.

    “We Need Big Fucking Guns!”

    Keep up the excellent work man.

    • Cecil:

      Hey, thanks for making it over here!

      I wanted more with this duo, they were great characters that worked very well off each other. Oh well.

      “We need big fucking guns” is one of my favorite movie quotes. His delivery was great.

      Will do!

  • V.Dean:

    I’m so glad to see other people love this film, from the noirish drenched streets and fear of an unknown predator loose in the streets, to Rutger Hauer playing as a badass with an agenda ready to kick ass with awesome looking guns, what’s not to love ? There are better movies out there, but I can’t overlook an enjoyable little jem like this.

  • MVandi:

    Oh yes, a favorite film of mine. I actually never really found anything odd about the ending except that it seemed “too easy” for Stone & Co. to defeat “Satan” in the last moments. An all-time favorite with great chemistry between the leads and great dialog. It definitely needs a blu-ray treatment with as many special features as they can find.

    Dick: I saw a rat, so I shot it.
    Harley: You shot my kitchen, that’s what!
    Dick: I missed the rat
    Harley: (holding up a destroyed rat corpse) You mean this one?
    Dick: Cool! I’m bleeding…(collapse)

    • Cecil:

      So much chemistry that we just don’t get anymore. Like you said, incredibly quotable. Love this flick. I know there is additional material out there so I hope they get to go bluray with it. Maybe Shout will pick it up.

  • Tristan:

    I’m ashamed of myself,

  • Spike:

    What do you mean they don’t describe the monster? They pretty much specify it’s Satan in the movie.

  • Ryan:

    Any chance of redoing or reuploading the videos that are missing? I remember, Split Second and The Guyver was the last VHS I rented from the video store when I was a kid and Im losing my mind trying to find your review to take a trip down nostalgia lane.

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