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Deep Star Six – Episode 27

10 Responses to “Deep Star Six – Episode 27”

  • Cristiona:

    Wow, that Stargate release sounds even worse than my copy of Red Rock West, which is just a round VHS tape: no chapters, no menus, you put it in and it plays until it stops with the DVD encoding graphic. At least I don’t have to flip it.

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, I was furious when I got it. A bunch of DVDs had the full frame on one side and the widescreen on the other, so I thought it was like that. Half way through the movie when it said “flip to side 2” I couldn’t believe it. It’s not even like the movie is 5 hours long.

  • Matt:

    Wait a minute…Deep Star Six has a DVD with Features?? ! I never knew that! I always liked Deep Star Six…I never loved the film (that love went to Leviathan) but I still like the flick. Damn, I need to get my hands on the Region 2 DVD of that sometime. How is the commentary?

    Thanks for the info!

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, I had a chat with Sean S Cunningham a while back about Deep Star Six. He told me about a commentary he recorded and how for some reason it never made it here. So I tracked down the region 2 disk.

      The behind the scenes stuff was cool and the commentary was…ok. Unfortunately he didn’t have a whole lot to say about the film and there was a lot of dead space. I think if he would have had one of the other actors there they could have bounced off each other but as it was it was kind of empty. Worth listening too but I just wish there was more.

  • Alex:

    hey, cecil, based on the fact that your favorite movie line is from hot shots: part 2, how did you like it? was it your kind of movie or do you not like its style?

  • Is it just me or when this film is summed up, Deep Blue Sea seems real similar?

  • Rafael:

    I thought you were going to show what happens to Miguel Ferra we he tries to surface
    without decompressing.
    Love this movie, Leviathan and I would try to figure out what the monster was before
    I saw it in Deep pack six…. I thought it was a shark with tentacles I was so wrong.

    • Cecil:

      This is one of the movies that if it comes to bluray, I’m going to re-do it for the Youtube channel.

      Wow, you blew up my comments tonight! (I don’t mind, just thought it was funny) 🙂

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