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The Prowler – Episode 31

6 Responses to “The Prowler – Episode 31”

  • Andre:

    Just got finished watching this (Netflix through Xbox 360, FTW!!!) and it is indeed a pretty good movie. bad acting, of course, but there was something about it that made me just want to keep pushing through it. Probably because there were a few people I wanted to see get the axe (well…I guess pitchfork would be more appropriate?) Anyway, thanks for reviewing this. next stop: Class of 1999 (if I can find a copy!)

    • Cecil:

      The Netflix watch it now on the 360 is one of the greatest things in history. Nothing like having thousands of movies a few clicks away.

      Glad you liked the movie, it’s a slasher classic.

      You can get class of 1999 from Netflix. It’s not streaming but they have the disc. You have to see this one, it is excellent!

  • mogens:

    you forgot too mension that savini also did the burning

  • Strazdas:

    Oh, my. The Diabetes testing supplies had me rolling on the floor laughing. Love your sense of humor.

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