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Society – Episode 32

We’ll get to the bottom of this.

19 Responses to “Society – Episode 32”

  • jeff:

    Is that William Hung singing Enrique Iglesias?

    • Cecil:


      That was actually Enrique Iglesias live in concert. He apparently blew his voice out sometime during the concert and kept singing. He said in an interview he didn’t realize how bad it was until after he heard the audio played back.

  • David:

    I saw this film years ago after a blind buy and was absolutely disgusted and creeped out. It also now happens to be one of my fave good bad films, up there with Basket Case and Anthopophagus.

    • Cecil:

      I saw this for the first time in high school. I remember my friends and I all sat in the room speechless after it was over. Definitely nothing like anything any of us had ever seen before.

      I think it opened my eyes to the fact that movies could be about anything no matter how bizarre. I think this one movie had a major impact on my love of things that take risks to be original.

  • David:

    I felt dirty after watching it too be honest. Even the opening credits and the score playing with them made me feel uneasy. Definitely wasn’t used to a movie having that sort of effect on me.
    Original ideas and concepts are part of what makes up a good film and the reason why so many of these Hollywood remakes are sucking major balls.

    • Cecil:

      I watch a ton of foreign movies because they seem to be the only ones taking risks and making really innovative original movies. (that Hollywood rips off and then wins awards for…like The Departed)

      I think that is why as far as American movies go, I really enjoy older ones. There are so many oddities and movies that had the guts to stand out. Now everything feels like it was made in a sterile environment by a committee. They don’t want to risk spending millions of dollars on new product so they just look to see what was popular or what is popular elsewhere.

      • David:

        Yea I couldn’t agree more. Another problem with a lot of today’s movies is even when they try to be original they end up half-assing it because they’re scared people won’t get/like it and that it’ll lose money. Another issue is studio’s getting involved in a films production/post-production. They just seem to tinker and make things more mainstream.

        Rob Zombie’s Halloween for example started off in new territory but then ended up being a generic remake in the last half. While Zombie says he felt like he had to pay respect to Carpenter’s version, I’ve read that the studio was up in his hair a lot of the time.

        Even the new Nightmare on Elm Street had some good things going for it but I’m pretty sure the culprits for the version we saw was the producers. There is a TON of stuff that was filmed yet not put into the film. Stuff like Freddy building his glove, a different beginning, some very creepy sounding scenes with Tina in her attic, and even a scene with Freddy confronting Quentin in a church with Freddy looking especially tall and in a cloak. All this stuff makes me think that even if the original version of the remake is suckish, it’d still be a hell of a lot better than the turd we all saw.
        (Oh and my point was that there are still some original ideas out there in Hollywood but they end up getting screwed with before they can make it to the silver screen).

  • Skully:

    Hey dude.. there seems to be a problem with this video.. it gets to the PROMO select screen and then it wont go any futher.. was really looking forward to this review.. can you see if you can fix it somehow.. thanks matey..

    • Cecil:

      Weird, I checked it out and it played fine. Perhaps blip was having problems at the time. Try again! Hopefully it works this time.

  • Jr.:

    This movie’s on Youtube as of this posting. Go enjoy it while you still can!

  • Cecil the video wont play,i really want to watch this one too

  • Rafael:

    Saw this movie and this is a movie you cant unsee.
    “Once bread becomes toast it can never be bread again.”
    Michael J Foxx- “Spin city”

  • Paul:

    I’m trying to watch your review on Society however the video won’t play. Is the video on YouTube ?

    • Cecil:

      Its one of the videos that was lost when the Blip servers started going offline. I just got the Bluray so I’ll be updating it in the future.

    • Cecil:

      Its one of the ones lost to Blip falling apart. I’m going to re-do it in the future. (perhaps later this year)

  • Jeremy:


    This seem like something Bentley Little would write and direct lol.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Re-up! I just watched it and I wanted to get your take on it again.

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