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The Crazies – Episode 33

7 Responses to “The Crazies – Episode 33”

  • Steve:

    Seriously? No one has commented on The Crazies?
    I have had the incredible pleasure of sitting down and speaking with George Romero twice. He’s a supremely nice guy, very humble, and absolutely cool. The first time, we spoke about Knightriders, and the second time about Season of the Witch. That second time, I told him I had a theory about his work, and wanted to get what he thought about it. I feel that the underlying theme of all of Romero’s work is communication, and how our inability to openly and honestly communicate is what will eventually destroy us.
    I think that we see that extremely well in The Crazies. The government isn’t giving good information to the townsfolk or their troops, resulting in both becoming crazy and escalating the issue. This is espescially horrifying in the sequence when the military scientist has a breakthrough and is so angry/emphatic/excited that he appears to be insane, and the soldiers, unaware of his position, place him in the room with all of the other infected individuals, thus destroying everyone’s chance to survive. There are so many scenes like this in the film, and in the end, when we realize that characters we’ve been following are no longer in control of themselves, it’s heartbreaking.
    For the record, George Romero told me that my theory holds up under scrutiny, and that he couldn’t think of one of his films it wouldn’t apply to except Creepshow. That’s okay, though, because I never really considered it to be his film.
    Thanks, Cecil. I believe I’ve watched all of the reviews now, but will continue coming back again and again. You do excellent work. Don’t give up on it.

    • Cecil:

      The Crazies is one of the great paranoia movies. As you said, ultimately we end up being the ones who screw ourselves over. That makes it all the more unnerving.

      Romero is great, a shame he gets so much grief now. The only movie of his I disliked was Survival of the Dead but even that was better than most of the garbage that makes it to the multiplex.

      Thanks! Don’t worry I’ve got plenty more to come. I just wish I had more time to get these together!

  • V.Dean:

    Are you going to touch upon Knightriders in the far or near future of 20XX ? :))
    I was disappointed with it, but for all the wrong reasons. I got spoiled by the trailer, while the movie is about this huge team of nomadic “circus-type entertainers” that joust while riding motorcycles, it’s actually a drama. The trailer made it look like a sweet over-the top action movie, and after watching the ACTUAL movie, I wanted to be what the trailer showed me :'(. Don’t get me wrong I think the movie is still a pretty interesting character study of all the difficulties and challenges a man has to face with an independent and self-funded event. But I still wanted that action movie :)).

    • Cecil:

      I’m looking to do Knightriders at some point. Yeah, the trailer did sell it as an action movie when it is more drama. Thankfully, its still a good movie.

  • jack:

    is their any newish horrors you could recommend, preferably at the cheap end of the market. thanks

  • Timo:

    George Romero also did a good Stephen King film adaptation with The Dark Half.

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