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Dollman – Episode 4

15 Responses to “Dollman – Episode 4”

  • pluto545 - Izzy:

    Wow, this movie was like the most violent action-sci-fi movie I ever saw, the style definitely influenced the 1993 video game of two infamous sci-fi action series – “Robocop vs. Terminator.”

  • MVandi:

    I love Tim Thomerson, especially as “The Iron Sarge” from my favorite Charles Band-produced film, Zone Troopers. Which I hope to see in a future episode.

    • Cecil:

      Tim Thomerson is the man! Zone Troopers will be here eventually for sure. (along with most of his catalog lol)

  • Shaun:

    haha! I just commented on another video, requesting Omega Doom, and I didn’t even know you were a fan of Pyun!

    If you do Nemesis, could you tackle 2, 3, 4… 5? too? Cause what the hell happened?

    Or, just any movie on this list, especially #1:

    • Cecil:

      When Pyun is good, he’s great. He’s had some crappers lately but that doesn’t diminish the awesome backlog he has.

      I plan on doing Nemesis, as well as Cyborg. I might do something on the later Nemesis films which sadly took such a left turn. The first is amazing and the sequels…have a female American Gladiator?

      • Shaun:

        Female bodybuilder. In a way, that’s an ideal female action star. I suppose I most dislike how they shat on the first film. The heroine of Nemesis 1 completely failed (or wouldn’t do another Pyun film?), so fast-forward to a dystopic distant future? Depressing.

        I don’t want to waste your time on bad-bad films (and I’d consider Catwoman to be this, but over-the-top Batman & Robin to not be, but otherwise our tastes seem to match up well). But, if you enjoy this guy’s face acting:
        you might want to check it out. It was the #1 on the link above.

        • Cecil:

          Yeah, I was just making a joke. It seemed so odd for them to veer so far from the source. The original had a great story, a great cast, and the whole “I am becoming less human” angle that made it thought provoking. The sequels stripped away all that and turned it into a sort of Predator/Terminator hybrid. They weren’t awful but by comparison to the first one, they were.

          Cybernator! I know it well. Funny stuff.

          • Shaun:

            You just reminded me of one of my favorite series… I’m not sure if you are familiar with anime, but I think Nemesis may have been inspired by Bubblegum Crisis / AD Police Files. Came out in the few years before Nemesis, and deals a lot about “becoming less human”. AD Police Files particularly, and the remake Bubblegum Crisis 2040 takes it even further. We all know Pyun’s close relationship with the Japanese industry, so it makes sense.

            I mean, the basic theme “what is human and what is machine?” started from Metropolis, but the “becoming less human, more machine” is what Bubblegum Crisis world does well.

            You’ll probably want to check it out if you’re really into that kind of concept.

          • Cecil:

            I’ve been a fan of anime for years and always wanted to check out the Bubblegum crisis series but back when I was first getting into anime, they were only on VHS and getting a series like that was way too expensive. They were like $40 a tape with 2 episodes and I was in HS at the time so it was way more than I had the money to spend on an hour of entertainment. So, I just focused on the movies like Akira, Fist of the North Star, Vampire Hunter D, etc, since they were only $20 and were full movies. Robotech was on TV at the time so I was able to get through that series and I love it dearly. (and now own the series on DVD in multiple variations) Also, reruns of Star Blazers.

            Thankfully when DVD rolled around (and now Netflix instant) I’ve been able to check out way more. I’d actually forgotten about Bubblegum Crisis so thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to track it down. Looks like Netflix has it so I’ll be sure to rent them.

  • mogens:

    frankenstein meets the wolfman and king kong vs godzilla came first cecil

  • Kenney Mabie:

    hey man jackie earl haley was good as the new face of freddy … the scenes looked good… but the “teen” actors sucked as did the majority of the cast… but jackie as freddy brought scary back to freddy … he had a couple great one liners (keeping freddys sadism and enjoyment of what hes doing) but he also brought back the rage to freddy that he originally had in the first 3 movies after that freddy became more of a joke. honestly i dont think any of the remakes were bad the focus for me is on the main character… freddy , jason, leatherface, etc … the other actors never live up to what they should even in the originals … you can always tell they are acting esp with kid actors ex take dark knight … gordons son at the end… just kidnapped held at gun point around 7 to 8 years old maybe younger and he has the cognitive ability to talk like an adult to his dad when bat man kills another human being in front of him (whys he running dad? or what ever the fuck he said) … that aint what a kid woudl act like … they would be a. catatonic b. hysterically crying or c. unconcious from fainting , another example is the “teen” actors in the reboot of night mare on elm street… they seem to calm and collected for sleep deprived hormonal teens (think about it … a teen gets a zit and its the end of the world… imagine if its a ghost of a child molester/killer that can kill you in your dreams) there is no way they would act that calm cool and collected … they would be nervous wrecks on edge and perhaps a little bit psychotic from lack of sleep …

    i know you wrote and recorded this way before the movie came out but i didnt think he did that bad as the new freddy … besides robert englund said he didnt want to do freddy any more

    • Cecil:

      I did see the NoES remake since doing this video and thought it was awful. Jackie Earle was wasted. He just sort of grumbled his lines out. Plus, Rooney Mara was a horrendous Nancy.

  • William:

    Holy shit, you had a lot of awkward pauses. No wonder you won’t release these to YouTube.

    • Cecil:

      It was 5 years ago and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know (at the time) how long I was going to continue. It wasn’t until episode 37 that I decided that I was in for the long haul and got serious. The old episodes are painful to me. If I was to release these on youtube, even with a disclaimer that they are really old, I would most likely get an abundance of trolling. They also were compressed under Blip’s weird insistence that videos be 640×360 rather than 720×480. (which is the standard DVD resolution)

      I might just let them become lost episodes. I haven’t decided.

      • John F. Mars:

        Don’t let these become lost episodes, post them on the internet for preservation’s sake, we have already lost so many silent films and alot of old television series. I would really hate for these episodes to be lost to time.

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