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You Better Watch Out – Episode 40

Harry Stadling’s coming to town.

7 Responses to “You Better Watch Out – Episode 40”

  • pluto545 - Izzy:

    This movie was edgy, yet held a very soulful and good-spirited toned. I loved how Harry wasn’t the stereotypical slasher/mass-murderer … killing people for the sake of killing people, but killing those who he perceived as naughty. Though, he sort of embodies misunderstood hero qualities as he goes around town giving the children gifts for Christmas.

    • Cecil:

      Exactly. The scene where he brings the toys to the kids hospital and it starts snowing…it’s heartwarming. That is part of the duality of the movie that makes it stand out from your typical slasher.

  • pluto545-Izzy:

    You’ve pretty much covered most of the Christmas/Santa Claus movies with the notable (but mentioned often in your videos) … Silent Night, Deadly Night. What was your opinion about Santa’s Slay (with Bill Goldberg)?

  • Jr.:

    Everytime I hear somebody say something really vulgar, I immediately think “MOSS GARCIA”

  • mogens:

    hey ass some of us acsely like tim allens santa claus movies and home improvement

  • mogens:

    1.7.38 arhh come on like like he was the worst actor in the world come on you are to mean 2.serisly what with the home improvement hate?

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