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Damnation Alley – Episode 47

Lost Episode. Will return with new edit in the future.

15 Responses to “Damnation Alley – Episode 47”

  • unrealbe:

    the landmaster looks very similar to a vehicle in another video game, the original mass effect….

    • Cecil:

      Yep, it’s kind of a mix of the APC from Aliens and the Landmaster from Damnation Alley. This reminds me, I really need to go back and finish Mass Effect 1.

  • Jonathan:

    I saw this movie several years ago and was surprised that I had NEVER heard of it. I thought it was decent and totally thought of it when I started playing Fallout 3.

    • Cecil:

      The studio pretty much buried it, which is a shame. While it isn’t perfect the movie is quite entertaining and it really does evoke feelings of Fallout. I’m still shocked it was released on Bluray.

  • Will:

    I’m glad you mentioned Fallout because when I was watching this vid I was thinking of Fallout: New Vegas (I never played Fallout 3), especially the scenes in the casinos.

    And we can’t forget that, unlike Fallout’s New Vegas, which was, for the most part pristine and in good shape, Damnation Alley’s Vegas probably was ‘homaged’ in Resident Evil: Extinction.

    As for Mass Effect. . .get on that son! Whatever issues you had with part 1 in terms of mechanics has been removed entirely in 2 and 3.


    • Cecil:

      You should play Fallout 3. The story is excellent and the atmosphere is awesome. A very welcome entry in the series.

      I wonder if it was an homage in RE. I still haven’t listened to the commentary on that one so I’m not sure.

      Yeah I know. I liked Mass Effect! I just got distracted with something else and have yet to go back. I haven’t had as much time for games lately, especially considering I played Skyrim about 4 months straight. After that was Dead Island and now I’m on Deus Ex Human Revolution…which is great but its reminding me how much I suck at stealth.

  • MVandi:

    On a related note. I love the movie A.P.E.X.

  • i thought A boy and his dog was the inspiration for the Fallout series.

    i love your reviews, man! Awesome stuff.

  • Ike Carr:

    The killer roaches freaked me out as a kid when I saw it on NBC Sunday Night At The Movies. I always wondered if the G.I Joe Armored Personal Carrier was inspired by the Land Master since like the Land Master it was amphibious.

  • adam watson:

    I liked the vehicle, that was all. (:/

  • Strazdas:

    regarding fallout 2 years later. if the attack was carries out by nuclear missinles that were the same type that US utilized at the time, the radiation danger would last only around 1-2 weeks. nuclear bombs act very differently than dirty bombs or plant catastrophy (singular, because there really only been one makor – chernobyl).

  • Steven W. Bentley:

    Was this episode removed for some reason? I was looking for it to reference it to a friend, but can’t seem to find it now. I hope not, as it was the episode that got me into the show, and I’ve been watching ever since.

    • Cecil:

      Unfortunately, it got a DMCA takedown over the A-Team theme. They wouldn’t go for parody since I used the whole tune. Good grief.

      Working on doing an updated version that I will re-release sometime in the near future.

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