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Robot Jox – Episode 52

I’m gonna get in this thing and I’m gonna kick your ass!

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  • Foobs:

    Sadly, the plot of this movie sounds a lot like one of my all-time favorites: Porco Rosso.

  • Cristiona:

    Awww, yeah. Crescent Hawk’s Inception. I think there were 2 or 3 in that sorta-series of games. I remember a top-down one and a more FPS one. Good fun. Between this and your earlier mention of Wasteland, I’m loving these old school game references.

    Mainly because Wasteland is the best game ever made.

    • Cecil:

      I’ve been growing weary of the endless barrage of the same corridor shooters so more and more I find myself playing indie games or going old school.

      Wasteland is the reason I love all things post-apocalyptic. I knew from the second I saw that cover I was in for something amazing. The story, the setting, and just everything about that game were the stuff of legend. I still have my copy sitting proudly on my top shelf with my Deathlands books and my Fallout stuff. (the games, pip boy, etc)

      I still want to do an occasional show about video games, I even have the first one lined up, but I just can’t seem to find the time. I may have to do it a little at a time and then piece the whole thing together.

  • Frank Powers:

    Thanks for the memories Cecil. My friend and I went to go see this movie opening night at our local multi-plex. I remember we went to the 10:00 show, and it was packed!

    This was just before MST3k had caught fire, and the whole theatre was filled “knowledgeable fanatics”. For the entire 86 minutes, it seemed like all 200+ people in the theatre were shouting wisecracks at the screen.

    One of the most memorable movie-going experiences I have ever participated in. Sadly, I think this movie lasted no more than two weeks at that theatre. I have searched for ages for this on either DVD or Blu-Ray, but I have ad no such success.

    Thanks for the memory. And I recommend Star Crash as a future review.

    • Cecil:

      No problem, thanks for watching!

      That sounds fantastic. I think the closest I came to people insulting the screen was at the House of the Dead premiere. After a while though, even that couldn’t help to make the movie watchable.

      Nice to hear it at least had a solid opening. I never saw it in the theater, I didn’t see it until years later on VHS.

      Star Crash! I was just talking about this and Battle Beyond the Stars with a friend a few weeks ago. Awesome recommendation, I’ll add it to the list.

  • MH:

    What came to mind on the ending (“This is all I can think of, when I see this now”) was “Rocky IV” with the gloves. I thought you might say the same.
    When I saw an ad on tv for this, maybe cable, I thought it looked bad. So when I saw “Reel Steel” was coming out, I thought of this movie. That was better than I expected (though the end fight was step-by-step the fight from 1976’s “Rocky”, but have not heard anyone else say this).
    Two fighters instead of armies reminded me of David and Goliath, of how wars used to be fought, with two warriors battling, instead many people getting killed.
    I am surprised a movie got a “PG-rating” that had a gunshot with blood exploding out of the of the head. I thought that was the realm of “R-rated” movies, an very occasionally “PG-13”, like “X-Files”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and (sort of), “The Fugitive”.

    • Cecil:

      If you are curious about the oddity that is the ratings board, check out a documentary called “This film is not yet rated”. It is amazing. Certain studios are treated better and are given the ratings they ask for, while indie studios are constantly fighting for the rating they need. It really sheds light on how there is no set standard to how films get rated, it is a bunch of unknown people who judge the movie and give it the rating they think it deserves.

      • MH:

        I saw it and didn’t like it. The argument was violence is allowed, but sex isn’t, which is ironic, since the opposite argument has been made for decades by horror filmmakers. Back in the 60s and 70s nudity could be in a “G-rated” film (such as “Planet of the Apes”), and a good deal of it in “PG-rated” films, such as “The Day of the Jackal”. “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” has a “G-rating”, but lots of bloody violence towards the end and climax.
        By the way, two of the things I found lacking in your videos (too short, and not enough)–one of them got “solved”. I was sick last week and stayed in bed and had the videos playing, but I have just about run out of them (“not enough”). I wished them to keep going (on one of them you said, “I could continue talking, but…. that would be incredibly boring”) they ended around the 10 min. mark (“too short”). I was glad to see the “Judge Dredd” video to be longer, clocking in just under 20 mins.

  • Jr.:

    Cant wait for Pacific Rim

    • Cecil:

      Me too. Looks excellent.

      • r2d2:

        Hey Cecil, what did you think about Pacific Rim

        I know im asking a lot but, can you star a review of more recent movies

        • Cecil:

          Still haven’t seen it, been really busy.

          I would like to do more recent movies but they inherently have their own set of problems. I’d like to do more stuff in general but time is always an issue. Right now I’m happy with getting out an episode a week. I wish I could do more but each episode requires a lot of time.

          If I did vlogs I probably could get more newer movies in but thats not really my style.

  • MadFlava:

    I was hoping to hear my favorite line from the movie. Alexander: “We are already dead… We are ROBOT JOX!”. I’m wondering if this film is credited with inventing the bro-fist?

    • Cecil:

      Ironic that a film about the future would predict the brofist in the past.

      Not sure if they were the first but it is definitely the first time I remember seeing it.

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