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Equalizer 2000 – Episode 307

6 Responses to “Equalizer 2000 – Episode 307”

  • Darko:

    Hello sir,

    Love the YouTube channel and work you do. I’m a new subscriber. I’ve been binge watching for the last week now. I just recently figured out the name of a Movie that I watched in the early 90’s….. Circuitry Man. Ever heard of it? Worth your time and review. Would love to know any backstory on it like you do with your “exploring” videos.

    Hopefully it ends up being a gem for you.


    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Ah yes, Circuitry Man 1-2. Good stuff, haven’t seen em in a while though. Definitely on the list, will get to them eventually for sure. Thanks for the sub!

  • bastardjackyll:

    How I missed this movie when I was a kid I have no idea, because if I saw that cover art, and that big ass gun, this movie would have been rented in an instant!

  • bastardjackyll:

    Also, you might be the first person in history to do a review on a Richard Norton movie without mentioning Gymkata, besides anyone who reviewed one before Gymkata was filmed!

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