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Exploring Blade – Episode 248

2 Responses to “Exploring Blade – Episode 248”

  • The Viewer:

    Excellent video. Such shame that they couldn’t come up with something better than the third movie and avoid killing the franchise. It’s true that Blade 1 started the superhero film boom but compare this to let’s say Suicide Squad and whether you like SS or not, you can’t deny how tame and shallow the SS script is compared to this. The more superhero movies they make, the less effort they put in the scripts.

    Anyway, if you want more Blade, definitely check out Marvel’s animated mini-series “Blade” (2011)
    It’s not as strong as the first movie but it is a rather serious and quite bloody Blade romp with great action none the less. Easily the best of the four Marvel Anime projects. Any Blade fan should see it. In one crossover episode he even gets to fight alongside Wolverine.

  • mogens:

    1. it looks like me and teddy rubskin are the only one who like blade trinity
    2.this was a better review than the nostalgia critic

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